14 Sep

15th Aug Raffle by Tursas Miniatures.

15th Aug Raffle by Tursas Miniatures.

Hi mates, today I present the draw for the 15 August. Sorry for the delay, I have been very busy during the month of August preparing work and mainly this has been the reason for the delay.

For this draw I have included both the subscribers and users of the Blog Shop, personally I think they also have the right to participate given the close relationship they have with Warstuft.com.

If you want to consult the list I leave a .pdf with part of the emails that I have.

Data Base raffle 15th Aug

I have arranged the list in alphabetical order.

The winner of the Blood Bowl star player kit is …. Chad Hastings.

Congratulations to the winner and encourage the rest of the users and subscribers. In a couple of days you have another option to win a magnificent ligh box, which again I will raffle.

Thank you all .


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