18 Apr

Team ETC Canada….Towards Victory


Set Of Tokens and Objectives provided

After hours of work betwen ETC Team Canada guys and WarStuft, we´re proud to show to the FOW Scene the stuff , who will be used at next ETC16 in Athens, Greece.

We thank you for your confidence in our work and we whish them a very good Tournament, sure will be!!!

Black Felted Bag

For the design, I used a tiger tank white stenciled over a red mapple leaf and whole over a gold gradient bed, enough to catch the “esence”, of Canada Team and suitable to be adapted to the Fow´s small tokens.

01 Apr

SS Panzer Division KampfGruppe Wiking fow List

Hi…best regards, here you have one off the strongest list in late period for the Axis Side, included come some special rattings called Panzer Kanonen and it will be your best option to beat Soviet hordes or Trained Gi´s or British guys.


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01 Apr

Fow suitable Diy At Bunker…

Hi, here you have an at bunker, completely done from scratch, using a 3d modell, provided by my best friend Javi alias”Reivaj”, thx mate. The base is foam core carved, polyfilla and sand, chezc barrier are from Battlefront, gauze bands added

to the camo netting and small pieces of wire, gives more reallity to whole bunker. Small size tufts and green stufft modelled sand bags.

Then was added magnetized gun barrell of a PSC panzer 4  bit.

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