27 Jul

New Zealand goes ETC16

The New Zealand FOW team for ETC, contacted us for help in producing objectives for it’s team members with very little time left for their production. 


ETC16 Team New Zealand Fow Objectives

Warstuft produced a simple, but elegant design based around the New Zealand national flag with stenciled fonts.

Despite the short period of time to do the order, Dave Madigan, Team Captain, has received today!!! the objectives.
Many thanks to the Spanish Postal Service “Correos España” and British Royal Mail, for the quick delivering Service.

WarStuft wish good luck and good dice to Team New Zealand!! at next ETC16 will celebrate in Athens (Greece).

24 Jul

“La Nueve” The Spaniards who liberate Paris…

13327355_1036929163094834_7204517210106911337_n13226782_1036951656425918_2482980133570234253_nParis 1944, Allied forces enter and release the Nazi yoke. The population entertains the troops as liberators surprised him in the car exotic names, Brunete, Belchite, Guadalajara, Guernica, …, those names belong to “La Nueve” vehicles belonging to the unit that is part of the 2me Blindée Leclerc Division.
la nueve erfgheeg

M3 Halftrack “Guernica”near L`arc de Triumph (Paris)

La Nueve was an unit  integrated into the 2me DB and formed entirely by Spanish Republicans who previously fought in the Spanish Civil War and wanted to fight again against fascism, when the Second World War began.

mandos españoles de la 9

“La Nueve”, also called “La Española”, was the spearhead of the 2me DB, were elite troops composed of half-track vehicles M3, tanks M4 Shermans&Scott, guns of 57 mm and M8 Greyhound, which was hiper-motivated for everything that happened, after the defeat of the Republic in the Spanish Civil War.

The soldiers of La Nueve , thought then to liberate France , the allies would look to Spain and also would free of fascism , which did not happen…

ht m3 madrid 3

The command of the 9th company was Captain Dronne, along with the commander ex-brigadist Putz, well-liked by the troops for having fought for the Republican cause. Underneath was Lieutenant Antonio Von Baumberghem, which did not fall well regarded Dronne, which would replace the Spanish lieutenant Amado Granell Mesado, which are distinguished by their great courage and leadership in the very daring missions to be They entrusted.

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22 Jul

761st Tank Battalion BN Negro “Black Panthers”

We have an image of US troops fighting on the Western Front say idealized, white boys of diverse backgrounds fighting side by side, but that image is completely false and obvious so let’s interested, the presence in t092ed0431c2c8629f6577772c6fcc007he front row combat Afro-American .

The reality was different and really many black soldiers were enlisted to fight the Nazis. What’s more, they were characterized by tenacity and ability to fight worthy of all praise.

They fought all the weapons the US Army and deserve like the rest of his comrades in arms their rightful place in history.60f3f65fb82f1d88d7f9a7f852a1e609

I’m going to focus on a mythical unit, which was mainly composed of black soldiers, this unit was the 761 Tank  BN (Negro) .

The 761st Tank BN (Negro) was an independent tank battalion of the United States Army during World War II.

The 761st was made up primarily of Afro-American soldiers, who by federal law were not permitted to serve alongside white troops; the military did not officially desegregate until after World War II. Read More