08 Sep

Diy Tramway Barricade for Fow

06 Sep

Easy way to have Static Grass tufts…

Hi…here I´m doing a plate of static grass tufts, this is a easy and cheap kind to have lots of tufts whitout expending not much money and whith the similar quality to comercial stuff, like GW, Tajima, Silflor, etc…

You need a static grass aplicator, baking paper, metallic plate, masking tape, black pen, autoadhesive glue and 6 mm static grass.

The only sound you will earn at the video its a Real Sociedad match I was earring during the tutorial, be kind to me, mates….;)

Thx for watching…and try it…

01 Sep

And The winner is…

Hi, mates… Here is the result of the first raffle WarStuft,…the prize consist in a complete bunch of Tokens, Dices, Dice Bag and Deployment Markers whith the Panzer Lehr Division.

Don´t worry about the contest election system. Its quite primitive but efective and very cheap, using an aleatory macro in Open Calc.

Congratulations to Daniel Sauerwein, soon I will contact with you via mail, to have more info and send you as soon as posible.

The next 1st of October, I will made another raffle only betwen Subscriptors and RSS followers, the prize of those Contest will be and complete set of Deutsche Afrika Korps, with alternative badge, including like the first one Tokens, Dice, Dice Bag and Deployment Markers.

Deutsche Afrika Korps Alternative Pack

Goood luck, mates!!! and spread it , 😉