30 Oct

Cheap light box from Ebay….

Hi..mates If you´re looking for a Light box, to have high quality pictures for include those in your blog, shops, ebay, etc…, you have not to invest much money, just buy those one at the next link.

The prize is imbatible, 8 Us $ included handling fees is imposible to find, lightbox similars in the market.

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17 Oct

Half Diy Telegraph Poles for Flames of War ;)


Yes…It´s half diy because I taked the other half on a Railway Stuff Shop, thx to Heiki for those kindy set.


Poles pasted on PVC Foam

Each bag includes 12 telegraph poles, enough to place near a road or railway track. For the bases I used 25 mm rounded ones of Forex or PVC Foamy….easy to cut and bevel with X-Acto kniffe.


Heki Telegraph Poles R.3136

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14 Oct

Barbed Wire Sections for Flames of War

Hi…here I´m with the Nemesis of the Great War Infantry combined with the Heavy Machine Gun!!!, the “Barbed Wire” those element It´s a must have on a fortified list or if you have a Pionier list, with Supply Trucks, can allow to deploy on the table, two sections of those defensive element, it makes  too difficult the access of vehicles, remember becomes to a difficult terrain and all vehicles who crosses them move only 20 cm …

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06 Oct

Easy diy wall sections for Flames of war

Hi mates…!!! here I´m whith another piece of scennery who is a must have in every Battle table, gives conceleament to the units and gives personality booth urban or Country landscapes.

For those worklog we need…

  • Black carboard for the floor or wall section.
  • Foam Core board to do the walls.
  • HotMelt gun.
  • X-Acto Knife.
  • Elmer´s Glue.
  • Metal Ruler.
  • Acrylic Paints.
  • Sand, peebles, gravel.
  • Static grass, tufts and flowered tufts.
  • Corrugated board.

We prepared the basic shape of those L-Junction wall. We cuted also the wall with foam core board, in those example we did the central section collapsed.

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04 Oct

Battle Report British Inf Div. Vs 78.SturmKompanie Div. 1750 pts


VideoPan of the Defender Area

 1st Part of the Report

 2nd Part of the Report

3rd Part of the Report