27 Dec

Atalaya-Vigía Tournament 2017

Hi…best regards soon the next 21-22 January at Zaragoza (Spain), will be the annual tournament of the Atalaya-Vigia Gaming Club.


Players from all parts of Spain will come to compite in some of the most popular wargames of the Scene…Flames of War, Warmachine, Euphoria,  Kings of War, and more….There will be too Shops stands and more…. Read More

01 Dec

Chain of Command Set of tokens Diy

Recently a friend of mine asked me , if I were capable to do some custom tokens to be used with Too Fat Lardie´s wargame Link Here…, “Chain of Command”.

He would two sets,one the SS Prinz Eugen  and the other for another friend Soviet generic ones.

The trick of those wargame, It´s that We can play with 15 mm miniatures, giving our Flames of War Stuff, another option to be used.

Using skirmish rules instead the usual of Flames of War ones.

We, just to rebasing our miniatures and then play with them….easy.

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