27 Jan

Atalaya Vigia Tournament Part 2

Last weekend took place the traditional event organized by The Club Atalaya Vigia of Zaragoza (Spain). In a large conditioned area of ​​Camping Municipal of Zaragoza, a large number of players from all parts of Spain were concentrated, to play their favorite wargames, Flames of War, Euphoria, Warmachine, DBA…

WarStuft mades a considerable effort to be at the height of the event, providing the prizes for players of the Flames of War Tournament.
Finally there were 24 players and the tournament was held on Sunday, January 22, in a great atmosphere of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Best General of the Tournament David Soriano

The list of winners of the tournament is as follows …

  • Best General: David Soriano 3 victory and 16 pts.
  • Best Axis General: Luis Hernandez “Drino” 3 victory and 15 pts.
  • Best painted Army Jesus Lopez 2 victory and 13 pts.
  • Best Allied General Pascual Gutierrez 2 victory and 13 pts
  • Best organized Iñaki Adanez 1 victory and 9 pts.
  • Axis wood spoon Antonio Sola 0 victory and 7 pts.
  • Allied wood spoon Alvaro Arguedas 0 victory and 3 pts.

There is nothing left to congratulate the other players and organizers for performing such a magnificent event. Is already less for Atalaya-Vigia 2018, hands on work !!!!;)
See ya!!!


18 Jan

New Shops in Spain

Hi…It´s not usual in time of crisis, to see people with enough energy to open a shop, and and it is even more hard if those shops are related to our hobby.

Two friends one in Hernani a little village in Guipuzcoa (Basque Country) and another one in Barcelona (Cataluña) Have started their bussines, with lots of hope and projects.

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13 Jan

Norse Team Commission Painting.

Hi…recently one friend of mine has ordered to me a comission painting job. There was a bunch of Games Workshop Norses “Old Fashioned” miniatures.

Link to Imgur

There was my first issue on those kind of scale and miniatures, I´m have not so much experience painting and the result was very succesfull.

I painted them using Vallejo Acrilics stuff and then flocking and  added tufts.

Hope you like them.

Thx, Andoni for your pattience,…mate.

See Yaaaaa!!!!!

12 Jan

Fantasy Football Tokens

Hi… yes if you don´t have the miniatures you can use tokens instead. Here  I give you some pix, of the last tokens I did hope you like them, and enjoy it responsibily!!! ;). The file it´s a .jpg saved in high quality mode, then just download it and print.

Bonehead Mavericks Tokens Set

Ogres Team Token Set

Von Drakis Party Team Token Set

Vampire Team Token Set

Real Norsiedad Token Set

Real Norsiedad Team Token Set

Soon I will place more factions tokens set to complete the pack. See ya!!!!!

11 Jan

Fantasy Football Pitch New Era

Hi…those days Im were working on a Football Fantasy Pitch, the idea its to print it in High Resolution Service over Canvas and then play with the minis with my son.

I added some Fantasy ad-boards to improve the gaming experience…Hope you like them.

Fantasy Football Pitch R.2.0

Here you have another one, with the pitch patched and then a skull in flames logo in the middle of the field.

Fantasy Football Pitch R.3.0 Read More