24 Jan

Disc Camo tutorial by Marcus Bergolthz


Marcus Bergholtz

Hi there.

 My name is Marcus, and im a bloke from Sweden.
Been a friend with Ignacio from WarStuft since i started up my painting a couple of years ago.
A little about me: I live in southern Sweden. Family consists of my wife, and our three sons, Gabriel, Loki and Thor.

All three have more or less some interest in the painting, so there is hope of passing it on 🙂

Anyway, my tutorial then. This is how i do disc pattern camo for 15mm wargaming.

Same technique can of course be applied to all scales.

From start to finish. my painting style may not be award winning, but im always trying to find a good balance between time and result 🙂

For more of my work check out Division 15 on facebook.

Lets start then. Read More

21 Jan

Kibri´s Factory Upgrade for Wargaming by Eduard Ferrer

Eduard Ferrer Belda

Hello, my friend and colleague Ignacio from WarStuft asked me for a series of model kits reviews because of my long service on the model building career and the love to them!!!.

I feel for miniatures. I kindly accepted his offer and from now on Ill be publishing some reviews, worklogs and tutorials always from a personal and amateur point of view.

I´m  42 years old, from Spain, and with two beautiful daughters just growing up.

Time is scarce, English language a personal proposal, and being a bit inquisitive a way of life.

Take that into account when reading my articles, and above of all, thank you in advance for spending your time reading what I have to say.

I write for the community since I like to read from it.

Any comments are more than welcome!!!. Read More

09 Jan

Thank you very much to all

It has been two years of hard work that without your understanding and support I could not have done.

This experience has been highly rewarding and at the same time very demanding and sincerely I have met people who have enriched me deeply and for which I am very proud.

Today I have come to the conclusion that I need to reorganize my affairs and resume the hobby as what it is, given that in no case I thought of making it a profession.

As one would say, one has to let go of ballast if one wants to grow personally and for that reason I have decided to cut my losses and get rid of the commercial part of the Blog, in order to have time and energy in other vital projects.

Those colleagues with whom I have acquired some type of commitment until the closing date of the affected Area, will be completely satisfied.

Do not hesitate to ask me, your doubts, concerns, etc. I will always be there, to help you, advise you, tell you tricks, ideas, etc …

Honor and glory!!!