25 Jun

Avanti Savoia token Set for Bolt Action by WarStuft


Italian&Axis Rule set from Warlord miniatures

Today WarStuft is proud to present, probably one of the master of Scratch Scene at Spain!!!.

A few weeks ago, my good colleague Juan Luis Moreno Tapia alias “Mortap”, told me that if he was able to make some tokens for his Bolt Action Italian army.


This great artist, has magical hands that have allowed him to create all kind of vehicles and weapons from zero.

If you want to introduce you to the world of scratch and Diy, I highly recommend that you click on his blog.


Those tanquetes are made from Scratch!!! Wonderful

Well, despite the delay here are ready to send them to the Canary Islands !!!.


Token Set with Fascio Littorio logo


Italian Army Infantry Section Miniatures kit

On the other hand, as I only use for subscribers, I will leave the printable .pdf in high quality, so that you can make yourselves the tokens.

It´s very easy to make them, just print with high quality printing services and then cut with X-Acto knife.

Now you will have a fully suitable tokens for your Italian Army!!!.

Hey….If you don´t see the link, it´s because you are not subscribed.

C´mon subscribe you and enjoy of the downloadable resources!!!.


You have to be subscribed in Warstuft to have access to those resource


Video obtained from Youtube, owner pbeccas.Great job Mate, thx for the review!!!!

Avanti Savoia, Avanti Italia !!!.












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