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50K views in WarStuft Special Raffle

50K views in WarStuft Special Raffle

Raising a flag on the Reichstag is the name of a historic photograph taken on May 2, 1945 by photographer Yevgueni Jaldéi in Berlin, at the Nazi Germany.

It shows soldiers of the Red Army raising the flag of the Soviet Union on the German Reichstag, completely in ruins, in the Battle of Berlin during the end of World War II..

The photo, which showns the taking one of the most emblematic Nazi buildings, was extremely popular, being reprinted in hundreds of publications for propaganda purposes.

It came to be considered throughout the world as one of the most important and recognizable images of the war, representing the end of Nazi Germany.

Due to the symbolism and the historical moment that represents, the identities of the men that appear in the image are object of controversy, although the soldier who supports the flag is supposed to be Melitón Kantaria.

On the other hand the photographer, Yevgeni Jaldéi, was not identified as author of the photograph until the end of the USSR.

The photo is the reconstruction of the Reichstag taken on 30 April but had been overlooked by the Soviet photografic cameras.

The famous image continues today surrounded by multiple legends, such as the subsequent photo retouching, identity of the soldiers and the origin of the flag that appears.

Using this image,… Battlefront modeled a vignete representing those event that was distributed among all the tournaments organized by the brand..

WarStuft after a tough search and to celebrate the 50000 views of the blog since its opening, is going to hold a special raffle between its subscribers and users, this rare objective that will delight hobbyists.

Good luck comrades!!!!.

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