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654 PanzerJägger Abteilung


Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 654 Badge

The schwere Panzerjäger-Abteilung 654 was formed in September 1943 from Panzerjäger-Abteilung 654 and was equipped with Ferdinand tank destroyers.

In June it was transferred to the Eastern Front where it remained until the end of the year as II./Panzerjäger-Regiment 656.

In 1944, was reasigned to Western Front…in France…to reinforce the front and was attached to Panzer Lehr Division and then to XXXXVII Panzer Korps. Those unit was the first equiped entirely whith the newest Jadjpanther, equipped with the famous 8,8 At Gun….see specs…


Panzerjäger Jadgpanther SdKfz 173

16-160 mm.
46 km/h.
Maybach HL 230 P30 de 700 hp.
Main Gun
Pak 43/3 L/71 de 88mm.

In Flames of War…the jaddgpanther is a notable unit…

But to much expensive…and as usual in “German Cats” …poor side armor and top similar too.

See table below…

First Blood

 On 1 July they had 25 Jagdpanthers ready for action and on 28 July they had 21 with 4 being repaired. Later in July it was attached to LXXIV Armeekorps. On 1 August they had only 8 Jagdpanthers ready for action with 16 under repair and 16 additional Jagdpanthers were sent to the unit to bring it up to strength. On 9 September 1944 it


JadgPanther in Action

was ordered to withdraw to the Grafenwohr camp to be rebuilt up to the official strength of 45 Jagdpanthers.
In November it was back in action on the western front, this time with LXIII Armeekorps. On 1 December the unit reported 25 Jagdpanthers ready for action.


Major Noak Commander of 654th

Placed in reserve with XLVII Panzer­korps (47th Armoured Corps), they did not see action until 30 July when they were sent to support 326. Infant­erie Division (326th Infantry Division) attempting to stop the British Operation Bluecoat.


Operation Blue Coat

Elements of the 3rd Tank Battalion (Scots Guards), 6th Guards Tank Brigade were the first to meet this new German behemoth near St. Martin des Bois. Within the first two minutes of battle, three Jagdpanther’s destroyed eleven Churchill tanks on Quarry Hill.


Prowling Panthers Official Briefing click on to download

Those unit fought also at Bulge, before scaping Falaise Pocket and reasigned to LXIII Armee Korps (68th Corps), and equiped with Mechanised AA units.

Reduced to a total of 27 Jagdpanther’s, the battalion entered the Ardennes winter offensive reporting just 24 operational. After receiving another 20 Jagd­panther’s, they reported 28 operational on 30 December with another 7 in repair. Two weeks later there were just 26 ready for the final defence of the Fatherland.

Rattings of Jadgpanther SdKfz 173 on Flames of War…

Name Mobility
Equipment and Notes
Jagdpanther Standard Tank 10 5 1 Hull MG, Unreliable.
8.8cm PaK43 gun
16 3+
Hull mounted.

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