30 Nov

Air units vectorized badges-WW2

Greetings … Today in WarStuff´s and after an big task of research and compilation I put at the disposal of my colleagues and developers of decals and similar material a huge badges compilation.

The Unit´s badges of some of the most outstanding combat air units that participated in the Second World War, corresponding to the Allies as well as to the Axis.
They are not all … but yes an important number of those.
The files are in .ai format and are fully editable with vectorial software like InkScape.
Just click on the corresponding miniature, download it and add it to your designs of homemade decals … for example.

Greetings to all …and don´t  forget Check you Six…;)


3 thoughts on “Air units vectorized badges-WW2

  1. I do a lot of this sort of work in other areas and would be happy to help add to the collection. If you have images that you’d like to have converted to .ai, let me know and I can help!


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