18 Nov

Alpha Ares- Dau 17 Whith WarStuft

Greetings to all Alpha Ares & Dau colleagues and my congratulations for your great work.

WarStuft is proud to have contributed a little, for the success of the Event, specifically in the Sif´s Demo who recreates the Battle of Gandesa, a greeting to Ferran and his partner, great work done.

In this recreation has been represented with miniatures a scenario set in the fighting that is produced in Gandesa at the end of July 1938, at the beginning of the well-known battle of the Ebro, so decisive and crucial for the future of the Spanish Civil War.

Asalto a Gandesa (1938) DAU Histórico con Alpha Ares

The Popular Army after the success and the impulse of the first days of the battle, and after crossing and leaving the river Ebro behind them, will try to take the assault on the capital of Terra Alta, Gandesa, very important com´s crossroad.

In other hand, the National Army accumulates and receives reinforcements other fronts to contain the attack.

It has been used for the battle miniatures of 20mm, equivalent to the scale 1/72, and the regulation has been used by miniatures: Flames of War, with lists of army for Spanish Civil War as known as “SIF”

Among them are elements of the 35th Division on the Republican (Brigadas Internacionales) side and the 13th Division (La Mano Negra) on the part of the nationals.

My congratulations to Alpha Ares, Dau and FowTarna’s guys, so that the Spain Flames match corresponds.

Big thx to my friends Eduard Ferrer and Albert Estruch, who gived us those pictures from Barcelona to whole users of WarStuft!!!!

Great job!!!


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