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An Interview with Marcos Garcia of Punkapocalyptic

An Interview with Marcos Garcia of Punkapocalyptic

Marcos Garcia,Lorena Azpiri, Israel Gutierrez and Marco Paraja.

Punkapocalyptic is a 30 mm miniature game, created by Bad Roll Games (Marcos Garcia, Israel Gutierrez and Marco Paraja) that involves skirmishes between gangs in a pimp and lethal post-apocalyptic world.

A good background, great work of modeling and scenery, … but What moves behind Punkapocalyptic?. I have moved among this group of wargame  enthusiasts and I did some questions about their projects, dreams and wishes.

The Beginning

Warstuft.-Marcos, first of all thanks for allowing us to approach and tell us, that hidden facet that moves behind your project.

Warstuft.- Who are you? Could you explain the genesis of the Punkapocalyptic project?

A very careful image makes of Punkapocalyptic a must have in our miniature´s collection

M.Garcia.- We´re Marcos García, Israel Gutiérrez and Marco Paraja, all of Gijón a city on the North of Spain. We were all partners in a modeling and wargames club called Noega.

Zander Comics the genesis of the Game

The birth of the company was in some sense something born of necessity. We found that the three, each on their own, we ended up in unemployment, and decided that if we try something, we would do it with a project that we would like and passionate about.

Warstuft.- I guess they told you about it … but it gives the impression that the main concept and background of the game and miniatures, is like saying it very round !!!

Concept of a character of the game

M.Garcia.- Yes … they were a series of short stories that Marco had published in a comic book magazine (Zander Comics), so we decided to start from there to create the game of the same name.

It was a difficult task, since we not only had little money, but also in our situation we could not afford a credit and if things went wrong we ended up poor and also with debts.

Warstuft.- That touch pulp that has Punkapocalyptic, with this background has its reason to be, … What about the miniatures?

M.Garcia.- We create the game, we do all the background, all the design, etc, but the production of the miniatures is external, and we have to pay modellers, painters and copies. There we have to thank a few friends, who supported us by “sponsoring” miniatures, or what is the same, paying all the production of a miniature that they wanted. That, along with what we put, allowed us to boot with 7 miniatures (well, 5 and a couple of months later another 2).

Some characters painted and ready to use in the game.

Warstuft.- According to this … I want to understand that in order to obtain funding, you have to recurre to diverse sources, but mainly to the patronage, isn´t?

M.Garcia.-At first we bet on putting our money, hoping to grow next to the stores, and the truth is that that did not work very well, as these preferred to bet on products already with a good catalog.

This was like the whiting that bites its tail, since it was difficult to have a catalog if they did not trust us. We have been able to make the leap thanks to the crowdfunding. But even though it seems better then to start directly with a crowdfunding, I think this came in very well for us when we first made our first.

Apocaliptic scennery Must have to enjoy!!!

We knew perfectly the times, prices, etc … we had contact with sculptors, production so to carry out crowdfunding was much easier, in addition to that we could teach our previous work to the people.

Yes it is true that in our first crowdfunding we had errors in not placing it at the beginning of the fiscal quarter, but hey, that already changed in the second and we take into account for when we launch the third.

The present

Game Stand at Desafio Wargames 2014

Most of the success of the game is due to the background … could you tell us the formula of the Philosopher’s Stone?.

M.Garcia .- This is difficult. In our case background, it´s a fundamental part and influences the same rules, but there are other games where the important thing is the competitive part of the game and the background is almost unnecessary.

It´s the percentage that the authors want to give it, and then the audience decides which option they like best.

Warstuft .- Indicate the most attractive points your game with respect to similar?

ST Playing a Demo table

M.Garcia.Punkapocalyptic is a nasty and horny game and it shows. We have a lot of background: stories, history, locations, bestiary, personalities … and the Puentechatarra Gazette every month.

It is a game designed for you to enjoy our world, so you want to do your own scenarios, customize your bands. Have fun not just playing, but with everything around. And you can have fun with Punka even if you do not like to play.

But of course, it is also a fun game, simple but deep, very tested and solid … and that is only in its beginnings. With varied and entertaining scenarios that not only consist of killing, and bands with very different personalities and ways of playing.

And finally the quality. The game is played with about 6 to 12 minis, depending on how the teams and faction. Well, we believe that it is better to have the highest quality miniatures possible.

Traditional modelling of the Characters

WarStuft.– Speaking of miniatures … Is it imperative to use 3D modeling to make quality masters?

M.Garcia.– Not at all. We have miniatures with traditional modeling and 3D modeling, the important thing is that there is a good modeler behind who gives you a good job.
What does 3D modeling gives us is the possibility that we can correct things in a much simpler way.

WarStuft.– Your potential market has possibilities to model with revisions the game, face to improve it or that is a matter of the Gurus of the game?

M.Garcia.– Feedback from the players is essential. That is not a set phrase. On the one hand we have a small group of people who prove things, and it is clear that opening the gamut of players will bring new situations. And on the other, as creators many times we have internalized some concepts of the game … that in fact are not so clear, and it is not until when it plays external people that you realize.

We’ve been playing the game for 3 years, and little things are still being polished. That is why we have delayed the launching of the physical regulation a lot, because although we know that there can always be things that are better, we owe you if you buy something is as polished as possible.

The future

Warstuft.-Tell us what are your plans for the future and what news will bring us in the environment Punkapocalyptic?

M.Garcia.Well, about the future, we think the best is yet to come.

A new revision of the rules this will be the fifth, the creation of a new band, is still a secret. In June we started to distribute, the minis of the Children of the Black Blood campaign.

In September we have an unavoidable date the Freak Wars in Madrid.

And above all we will work to expand the background of the game and do it even if it is more interesting, for potential players.

Warstuft.-Thank you very much for taking care of me, having such a complicated schedule. I just want to wish you all the best, … See ya Mates!!!





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