20 Jul

Australia, Wales and Scotland Goes rock!!! ETC16

12961477_952941481469783_2133707647166688221_nHello, I’m here again, with a new post, I have recently been commissioned to perform the stuff of three teams who participate in the next ETC, to be held in Athens.


Team Wales ETC16

WarStuft is very proud of teams of Australia, Wales and Scotland, have chosen us.

Many thanks to Tim Harris, Richard Hardy and Ben Wynn & Adam Brooker, for having us.


Team Australia ETC16

The designs are simple and include characteristic elements of each country as well as the colors of the flags for easy identification of each country.

Also to give a more personal touch, in the case of Wales and Scotland stuff , in Cymraeg & Gaelic expressions that conveyed the feeling of team added.



The work has been rewarding and the result you have then performed in the usual quality … as of today and are in the High Commands of each team, preparing the next ETC.

FOW – European Team Championships

Good luck guys.


4 thoughts on “Australia, Wales and Scotland Goes rock!!! ETC16

  1. On behalf of Team Scotland, we’d like to say a big thank you – the objective markers are brilliant, couldn’t have asked for more.


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