14 Oct

Barbed Wire Sections for Flames of War

Hi…here I´m with the Nemesis of the Great War Infantry combined with the Heavy Machine Gun!!!, the “Barbed Wire” those element It´s a must have on a fortified list or if you have a Pionier list, with Supply Trucks, can allow to deploy on the table, two sections of those defensive element, it makes  too difficult the access of vehicles, remember becomes to a difficult terrain and all vehicles who crosses them move only 20 cm …

For those DiY project We used….

  • 3 mm DM Fiberboard.
  • Gap Filler paste.
  • Sand, gravel, peebles.
  • Metal Ruler.
  • X-Acto Knife.
  • Acrylic Paints.
  • Wire (to simulate Barbed Wire)
  • MatchSticks.
  • SuperGlue.
  • Tufts and flowers.

First the ball, the DM fiber board it´s a very useful stuff and can be cutted easily using a sharpy  X-Acto Knife, then ¡Be careful with those tool, cuts much and can give you a serius injuries if you don´t  use it properly!!!!


20 x 5 cm Pieces of DM ready

The standard measures of those kind of elements at Flames of War, always are the same….20 cm long and 5 cm wide, here we´re place the barbed wire!!!.

Over a cutting mat, We cut two sections of DM fiberboard of 20 x 5 cm, passing the blade more than one time, firmly and following the metal ruler, its easy.

That´s right we have two straigh barbed wire sections, but this is not enough!!!.


DM covered of Filler

The most important phase, with the X-Acto knife We did bevels in booth wide sides…..then priming, We painted whith wattered down glue two coats on each faces.. Once dries, those actions help us to avoid warpping and allow to take well gap filler paste.

Then We apply with splatter the filler, with entropy its easy.


Let blank areas to give contrast betwen areas


See detail of the sand over the filler


Peebles better over glue then spread sand

Once filler dries, using watered down glue we spread sand, gravel and peebles. Let dry and brush two coats of wattered down glue to fix all textures.

That´s it it seams really a future desertic field…Now We proceded to painting process.

First the ball, primming, We used Geman Grey Primer from Vallejo.


See the DM not warped after coats of paints and glue

Then We painted with Middlestone of Vallejo sanded areas and filler areas with Brown sand of Vallejo.

Peebles were painted with English Uniform of Vallejo.


Sanded Areas with Middlestone


Rest with brown sand and peebles with English Uniform


Then We highlighted using a mix of each base color and adding Iraqui Sand.


Surface Heavy DryBrushed with Iraqui Sand

Finnally, heavy dry brush using Iraqui Sand from Vallejo.

For the barbed wire stands We cutted small pieces of matchsticks and glued them with Super Glue. Finally We painted them with Burnt Umber from Vallejo and then Highlighted with Iraqui Sand from Vallejo.


MatchSticks superglued ready to support barbed wire


Burnt Umber painted better isn´t??


Close detail of the wire

For the wire We used sealing wire used to seal with special tools, in french they call it “Fill a Plomber”..those seams to the Barbed Wire, but it looks to much brilliant. See the link …Sealing Wire


Barbed wire too much brilliant its not real!!!


In the desert grows and dies grass

Then We wheatered the wire adding Rust Streaks of AkInteractive to give a rusty aspect and added Rust Pigments from AkInteractive.


Rust Streaks from AkInteractive


It seams more real rusty and flowered…!!!

Finnally we added some straw tufts a flowers…

In those area usually grows grass too much…


Close Detail of the barbed wire section

We can add some variations, doing in angle the sections, giving them more versatile to the form of the game table.

We can add Chezc Barriers, Shape H beams, Concrete Teeths, instead the matchsticks, etc…to have more variations and types of barbed wire sections…

Use your imagination…




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