22 Nov

Detail of a Wargame collapsed building (Part 1) by WarStuft

WarStuftBest regards from WarStuft, comrades, in view of the success that my latest publication has had on social networks.

I will explain in a brief worklog of how to make this building, with several simple tricks that will improve the appearance of your wargame´s buildings!!!.

The building structure are two pieces recovered from another building I did, nothing is thrown here the foam core board is worth as gold and isn´t time to waste any expensive stuff.

Later using the cardboard of a blister of cut strips to realize the details, windows, shapes, etc …

WarStuftThis cardboard has a film of adhesive that gives it great strength and impermeability.

Although now it looks like a rainbow, once primed you will see the change …;)

While the strips of cardboard applied to the facade dry, what we will do is impregnate the edge of the building with white glue and then add cat litter, to give entropy to the edge and give more realism to this part of the building


Once finished take a thick brush and apply a layer of white glue throughout the building, (as a filler) in this way is achieved waterproof the cardboard and spend less paint in subsequent steps.


At this point and once the tail is dry we proceed to print with airbrush, in this case I used aWarStuft bottle of Panzer Grey from Vallejo, although in this case it appears as a French brand is nothing more than a reseller.

The result is more than obvious, it no longer looks like a piece of cardboard with glued cardboard, rather it looks like a piece of resin or plastic.

The Panzer Grey will help us to highlight the cracks of the building without having to wash.



Now we are going to make the first improvement, do not panic, the final result will solve errors, failures and other faults that occur during the process of wallpaper pasting.

WarStuftIt’s about adding to the interior walls of the wallpaper buildings.

Instead of painting them as we usually do, we can go a step further and add painted papers, like those that have been applied throughout life in homes during the past.

In this case I have used the ones that are in the following web, since it is textures used for doll houses what we have to do is scale them to the measures that we use in our favorite wargame.


Wallpapers and Poster in Russian

Do not be alarmed, the russian poster will be used later.

In the next link you have a selection of some of this textures ready to be printed:

Textures Collection

What I do is measure the height between floor and floor and then I scale the width of the image to then stretch it and make a canvas, using Gimp or Inkscape Freeware software.

It is very easy to do,but if not  I show you this video where I explain the complete worklog to convert a wide texture to a smallest one!!! with the wallpapers used for this tutorial.

Then you go to your digital printer or photocopier and print it on a low weight paper or silkWarStuft type … at least in my Oficial photocopier they have that paper, I pray that this paper will not run out, since we have verified that it works perfectly and it also serves us to make advertising posters, … for example.

As I said the tutorial is very … very simple once printed they are cut with scissors and they are stuck in the cloths, cutting with X-Acto knife the excess of paper in the windows and doors.

The following pieces are then pasted by repeating the steps on the windows and doors.

Once, done this can be wheatered with the aero or adding pigments, the joints of the papers, the edges, etc.

You can also do this with a dry brush, … etc.

WarStuftYou can also add glue and cat litter on the edges, between the panels to simulate collapsed structures and other paraphernalia that happens in this type of buildings affected by the excesses of the War.

The external face of the building, we paint it equally well with aero or brush that already goes in tastes.

You work on the panels and chips by painting and highligthing where appropriate ….

Continue soon at WarStuft.com …



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