25 May

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Thx, for your kinddly attention and support

09 Jan

Thank you very much to all

It has been two years of hard work that without your understanding and support I could not have done.

This experience has been highly rewarding and at the same time very demanding and sincerely I have met people who have enriched me deeply and for which I am very proud.

Today I have come to the conclusion that I need to reorganize my affairs and resume the hobby as what it is, given that in no case I thought of making it a profession.

As one would say, one has to let go of ballast if one wants to grow personally and for that reason I have decided to cut my losses and get rid of the commercial part of the Blog, in order to have time and energy in other vital projects.

Those colleagues with whom I have acquired some type of commitment until the closing date of the affected Area, will be completely satisfied.

Do not hesitate to ask me, your doubts, concerns, etc. I will always be there, to help you, advise you, tell you tricks, ideas, etc …

Honor and glory!!!

04 Dec

Open Doors Day Club Septimo Grado 2017

Hello everyone, today I’m not going to talk about the hobby … well, but treating it from a human and charitable side …

A special event is going to unite the Hobby with a Solidarity action, the weekend coinciding with the 16th and 17th of December, as in previous occasions the Association of Role and Simulation Septimo Grado of  Madrid (Spain), organizes its Open Doors Days and coinciding with this Event , they will make a solidarity raffle whose full benefits will go to the NGO “Save The Children”. Read More

19 Nov

The Battle for Stalingrad

Greetings to all, this brief review only intends to pay homage to the team of comrades, who have worked throughout the past year to recreate one of the best wargame tables I have seen in a long time.

Presented in the context of the Alpha Ares-DAU 2017, it has been the star of the event, … they deserve it !!!!

The Battle for Stalingrad

Paulus’s 6th Army fought its way across the River Don and, on 23 August, were on the right bank of the Volga north of Stalingrad and moving into the suburbs. Read More

18 Nov

Alpha Ares- Dau 17 Whith WarStuft

Greetings to all Alpha Ares & Dau colleagues and my congratulations for your great work.

WarStuft is proud to have contributed a little, for the success of the Event, specifically in the Sif´s Demo who recreates the Battle of Gandesa, a greeting to Ferran and his partner, great work done.

In this recreation has been represented with miniatures a scenario set in the fighting that is produced in Gandesa at the end of July 1938, at the beginning of the well-known battle of the Ebro, so decisive and crucial for the future of the Spanish Civil War. Read More

12 Oct

“J. Vara de Rey en el Caney” Special Raffle by WarStuft

“J. Vara de Rey en el Caney” Special Raffle by WarStuft.

Best regards mates,…today I did the raffle of two great kits of General Vara de Rey at the Caney Battle. Gently doned by 1898 Miniatures guys.

As I said last post, those kits were raffled separately one for subscribers and users of the blog and the other for Facebook users.

As usual I did the raffle using the aleatory number generator of Random.org….

And the winner are….

CannonFodderFow & Thomas Lucas

Congrats mates, soon I´ll contact with you using private mail.

To the rest encourage you to be aware of the blog and the future and juicy draws that will be made.

Honor and glory!!!


11 Oct

“J. Vara de Rey en el Caney” Special Raffle by WarStuft

“J. Vara de Rey en el Caney” Special Raffle by WarStuft.


Joaqui Vara de Rey y Rubio

Joaquín Vara de Rey y Rubio (Ibiza, 1840 – Santiago de Cuba, July 1, 1898) was a Spanish military man and politician, hero of the Cuban War for his defense of the fortress of El Viso.

He graduated from the General College as a second lieutenant, rising to the rank of lieutenant in 1862. He fought the cantonal rebellions of Cartagena and Valencia and fought in the Third Carlist War.

In 1884 he requested his transfer to the Philippines where he was given the command of the Spanish Regiment, in 1890 he was appointed military political governor of the Marianas Islands and then of Zamboanga.

The following year he was promoted to coronel and returned to Spain.

On returning to Spain was assigned the command of the garrison of Avila until April 1895. Read More

16 Sep

50K views in WarStuft Special Raffle

50K views in WarStuft Special Raffle

Raising a flag on the Reichstag is the name of a historic photograph taken on May 2, 1945 by photographer Yevgueni Jaldéi in Berlin, at the Nazi Germany.

It shows soldiers of the Red Army raising the flag of the Soviet Union on the German Reichstag, completely in ruins, in the Battle of Berlin during the end of World War II..

The photo, which showns the taking one of the most emblematic Nazi buildings, was extremely popular, being reprinted in hundreds of publications for propaganda purposes. Read More