01 Jun

Interview whith Thunder Chrome and worklog of a 3d model

David Martinez and Matias Parragués the core of the project Thunder Chrome.

As they say in their background “Tired of using glue and cardboard to do your scennery”, if so, the solution is in a click. The guys of Thunder Chrome, David Martinez and Matías Parragués, a year ago developed a project that has reached its maturity with the departure this week of the new range of  Sci Fi scennery, that in principle will leave in the patronage platform KickStarter.

Those guys in a funny pose!!!

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17 May

Kings of War Raffle June-2017

A really cool raffle for the next 15th june, thx to Distopia Games, Hernani (Spain) who gave us an Mantic´s Kings of War kit ” 20 Basilean Paladins Regiment” . If you are interested on those raffle, you have to “like it” on Distopia Games  wall at Facebook and let a comment about on those post.

Paladins are warriors beyond compare. Secure in their place in the afterlife, they are afraid of little other than dishonour. Even in times of peace, they spend hours each day in the practise of arms, both mounted and on foot.

All people interested included outside of Spain will be in the raffle, but don´t forget the rules of the raffle, if not…you´ll not to be included.

The box it´s in mint condition and it´s rare to find because it´s out of production. It´s a a very good chance to have a great kit:

  • 20 plastic resin Paladins
  • Two handed swords
  • Metal Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician
  • 20mm Square Bases

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18 Mar

Dorchester ACV from Skytrex Miniatures Review by Ignacio Herrero

A well camouflaged command post.

One of the most iconic vehicle of the WW2, it´s a perfect unknow betwen the people not habitual to the Second Worl War history.

Those one, isn´t a tank, airplane,…etc. Was a command car, who were used for English and German Army during whole World War.

During the Second World War, the United Kingdom was the only country to develop and widely employ purpose-built armoured command vehicles. Those were essentially armoured buses based on truck chassis.

The most common ACV of the British Army was the AEC 4×4 ACV. The vehicle, based on AEC Matador chassis, entered production in 1941. A total of about 415 units were built. The vehicle was used for the first time in the North African Campaign and remained in service until the end of the war. Read More

15 Mar

Psc german trucks – update 1: wheels- by Eduard Ferrer

Hi folks.
Here comes a small update to my popularly acclaimed original PSC German truck review.
This time I’ll show you how the extra 5 German Trucks made of spare parts from the original PSC sprue come alive.
If you remember I told you it was pretty easy to build the free extra 5 trucks from the box, using some plasticard and cut sprue. The only missing key pieces to complete the spare trucks were the frontal wheels.
Ok, here comes to the rescue another brilliant Green Stuff product: Blue Stuff Moulds 4 bars. Read More

01 Mar

Green Stuff World Textured Rolling Pins Review by Eduard Ferrer

Hello again, this is Eduard reviewing some stuff for you!

I just purchased two Green Stuff World Textured Rolling Pins, and I’d like to share my experience to you.

Made of clear PMMA plastic with amazing non stick properties. Not toxic. They come in several different textures that you can purchase based on your specific needs.

Length: 14’50 cm (5’5 inches)
Diameter: 2’5cm (1 inch)
Pattern Size: 5×10 mm (variable with multiple stone types, all of them different)
Recommended Scales: 1/22 – 1/32 – 1/35 – 1/43 – 1/48

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06 Feb

Review Plastic Soldier Company German Medium Trucks by Eduard Ferrer

Eduard Ferrer Belda

Hello, my friend and colleague Ignacio asked me for a series of model kits reviews because of my long service on the model building career and the love I feel for miniatures. I kindly accepted his offer and from now on Ill be publishing some reviews always from a personal and amateur approach. I´m  42, from Spain, and with two beautiful daughters just growing up. Time is scarce, English language a personal proposal, and being a bit inquisitive a way of life. Take that into account when reading my articles, and above of all, thank you in advance for spending your time reading what I have to say. I write for the community since I like to read from it. Any comments are more than welcome!!!.

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04 Feb

Worklog of a Wargame Miniature Modelling by FanathArt

Today, one of the best 3d modelers of the wargaming scene at Spain will explain how he does model their miniatures in a worklog. Fanath Art is the company name that carries out Mr. Fanath’s work.
It’s incredible how things has changed since not so many years ago, when the miniatures were sculpted and casted from a piece of clay. Now we can say that was “Old fashioned style”.

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01 Dec

Chain of Command Set of tokens Diy

Recently a friend of mine asked me , if I were capable to do some custom tokens to be used with Too Fat Lardie´s wargame Link Here…, “Chain of Command”.

He would two sets,one the SS Prinz Eugen  and the other for another friend Soviet generic ones.

The trick of those wargame, It´s that We can play with 15 mm miniatures, giving our Flames of War Stuff, another option to be used.

Using skirmish rules instead the usual of Flames of War ones.

We, just to rebasing our miniatures and then play with them….easy.

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