18 Mar

Dorchester ACV from Skytrex Miniatures Review by Ignacio Herrero

A well camouflaged command post.

One of the most iconic vehicle of the WW2, it´s a perfect unknow betwen the people not habitual to the Second Worl War history.

Those one, isn´t a tank, airplane,…etc. Was a command car, who were used for English and German Army during whole World War.

During the Second World War, the United Kingdom was the only country to develop and widely employ purpose-built armoured command vehicles. Those were essentially armoured buses based on truck chassis.

The most common ACV of the British Army was the AEC 4×4 ACV. The vehicle, based on AEC Matador chassis, entered production in 1941. A total of about 415 units were built. The vehicle was used for the first time in the North African Campaign and remained in service until the end of the war. Read More

28 Feb

Raffle LVT-4 ‘Buffalo’ Amtrac from Warlord Miniatures

Hi…first of all thx for all the people who  where interested on those raffle and thx for your comments and support.

The raffle will be betwen the ten comments received in the post and the likes in the facebook, booth included.

  1. Guendum
  2. Reivaj
  3. Pere
  4. Enrique
  5. X-Templario
  6. Gorka
  7. Matt
  8. Felix
  9. Adam
  10. Igor

For the raffle I used the random number generator at Random.org.

Remember, the winner of the raffle will receive a LVT-4 ‘Buffalo’ Amtrac kit from Warlord Miniatures .

See ya  in the next raffle, thx for watching!!!

04 Feb

Worklog of a Wargame Miniature Modelling by FanathArt

Today, one of the best 3d modelers of the wargaming scene at Spain will explain how he does model their miniatures in a worklog. Fanath Art is the company name that carries out Mr. Fanath’s work.
It’s incredible how things has changed since not so many years ago, when the miniatures were sculpted and casted from a piece of clay. Now we can say that was “Old fashioned style”.

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27 Jan

Atalaya Vigia Tournament Part 2

Last weekend took place the traditional event organized by The Club Atalaya Vigia of Zaragoza (Spain). In a large conditioned area of ​​Camping Municipal of Zaragoza, a large number of players from all parts of Spain were concentrated, to play their favorite wargames, Flames of War, Euphoria, Warmachine, DBA…

WarStuft mades a considerable effort to be at the height of the event, providing the prizes for players of the Flames of War Tournament.
Finally there were 24 players and the tournament was held on Sunday, January 22, in a great atmosphere of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Best General of the Tournament David Soriano

The list of winners of the tournament is as follows …

  • Best General: David Soriano 3 victory and 16 pts.
  • Best Axis General: Luis Hernandez “Drino” 3 victory and 15 pts.
  • Best painted Army Jesus Lopez 2 victory and 13 pts.
  • Best Allied General Pascual Gutierrez 2 victory and 13 pts
  • Best organized Iñaki Adanez 1 victory and 9 pts.
  • Axis wood spoon Antonio Sola 0 victory and 7 pts.
  • Allied wood spoon Alvaro Arguedas 0 victory and 3 pts.

There is nothing left to congratulate the other players and organizers for performing such a magnificent event. Is already less for Atalaya-Vigia 2018, hands on work !!!!;)
See ya!!!


13 Jan

Norse Team Commission Painting.

Hi…recently one friend of mine has ordered to me a comission painting job. There was a bunch of Games Workshop Norses “Old Fashioned” miniatures.

Link to Imgur

There was my first issue on those kind of scale and miniatures, I´m have not so much experience painting and the result was very succesfull.

I painted them using Vallejo Acrilics stuff and then flocking and  added tufts.

Hope you like them.

Thx, Andoni for your pattience,…mate.

See Yaaaaa!!!!!

01 Dec

Chain of Command Set of tokens Diy

Recently a friend of mine asked me , if I were capable to do some custom tokens to be used with Too Fat Lardie´s wargame Link Here…, “Chain of Command”.

He would two sets,one the SS Prinz Eugen  and the other for another friend Soviet generic ones.

The trick of those wargame, It´s that We can play with 15 mm miniatures, giving our Flames of War Stuff, another option to be used.

Using skirmish rules instead the usual of Flames of War ones.

We, just to rebasing our miniatures and then play with them….easy.

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19 Nov

Die Götterdämmerung Review and Painting guide


Front of the objective

Months ago I purchased one piece of resin from Heer46 thx to Denis Schumacher for the support, quick service and great stuff.

The quality of the piece its great, the main element of the piece its the German Eagle over the debris, its a good modelled eagle but it seams to be 3d printed, because you can see the little lines of the printing process, I think this little problem will be solved and the next pieces provided of the  Eagle will be more clean. Read More

18 Nov

Diy Terrain Areas for Flames of War

Hi mates, here i´m with another quick scennery tuto, easy to do and very effective once you place at the game table.

For those one I used…

  • Open Fire cardboard Terrain Templates.
  • 3 mm PVC Foam sheets, one Din A4 is enough to have two pieces of terrain.
  • Filler.
  • Sand and gravel.
  • Glue.
  • Static grass.
  • X-Acto knife and tiny shaw.

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