01 Dec

Chain of Command Set of tokens Diy

Recently a friend of mine asked me , if I were capable to do some custom tokens to be used with Too Fat Lardie´s wargame Link Here…, “Chain of Command”.

He would two sets,one the SS Prinz Eugen  and the other for another friend Soviet generic ones.

The trick of those wargame, It´s that We can play with 15 mm miniatures, giving our Flames of War Stuff, another option to be used.

Using skirmish rules instead the usual of Flames of War ones.

We, just to rebasing our miniatures and then play with them….easy.

The job isn´t complicated, after a heavy researching job, I finded the designs and then I did the complete artwork for booth set of tokens included insertion points.

Dice were provided by Adam Brooker´s Dice of War, great stuff 16 mm black Dice with the logo of SS Prinz Eugen badge on pip six.

Enclosed those, I posted some links of the stuff, If you´re interested on make them to play with your miniatures.

Here, you have the two set pictures and objectives too.


Prinz Eugen Token Set for CoC

Tokens Prinz Eugen for CoC

Soviet Generic Tokens for CoC

Soviet generic tokens for CoC

Prinz Eugen insertion points for CoC

Soviet Insertion points for CoC


Play Sheet. Gaming Aids for CoC

PlaySheet for CoC

Thx, for watching.



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