19 Nov

Die Götterdämmerung Review and Painting guide


Front of the objective

Months ago I purchased one piece of resin from Heer46 thx to Denis Schumacher for the support, quick service and great stuff.

The quality of the piece its great, the main element of the piece its the German Eagle over the debris, its a good modelled eagle but it seams to be 3d printed, because you can see the little lines of the printing process, I think this little problem will be solved and the next pieces provided of the  Eagle will be more clean.


Rear of the piece.

The rest of the mini seams to be a destroyed wall and come with lots of details like bricks, metal pipes…etc. some resin bubles but easily to be filled with a little mix of glue and sand.

Those piece can be used as an objective alone or take part of a greater piece of scennery integrating those one into wrecked houses for urban warfare tables.

Side of the piece

One thing, due the Anti Nazi restrictions at Germany the HakenKreutz was substitued by a BalkenKreutz, It´s not historically acuratte but that´s life….

The prize of the mini its enough for those kind of special stuff.

I recomend purchase those piece, It was a pleasure to prepare and paint it.

The painting process was  easy, after clean with warm water, soap and an old tooth brush, I primed the miniature with Vallejo Panzer Grey.

Then I highlighted the eagle with dry brush of a mix of Vallejo´s Pale grey Blue and Panzer Grey and finally Pale grey Blue.

The wall and the debris I colored with Red, Mate Brown and Parasite brown from Game color all bricks of the wall and the floor.

Metalic pieces like pipes I painted with Bolt Gun Metal from GW. I did a heavy wash whole wall with Agrax earthshade from GW.

Once the mini were dried I did a drybrush using Vallejo´s Iraqui sand.

And that´s we applied two coats of Vallejo´s Mate coat.

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