24 Nov

Diy lake for Flames of War

Hi,,, another piece of scenery for flames of war, one lake or pond… using the same technic than the tree bases…. its very easy  c´mon let´s go!!!

For those job we needed:

  • 3 mm black pvc foam.
  • HotMelt gun and glue bars…
  • Tiny saw.
  • X-Acto knife
  • Sand and peebles.
  • Static Grass.
  • Medium Gel.
  • Gap filler.
  • Gloss coat.
  • Tufts and flowers.
  • No more…;)

Using the shape wood of Open Fire I did the basic shape of the lake.

Then I cutted with the Tiny saw , easy but a little dirt…

After cutt the shape I beve


Basic shape cutted and beveled.

led whole form with X-Acto knife.

Now with the HotMelt gun, I did the enbankment of the lake.

Then whith gap filler, I covered whole hotmelt, to simulate a real enbankment.

Enbankment with HotMelt glue.

Once dried, I applied white glue and then spread over sand…repeat those operation twice and let dry in each step.

Place over the enbankment little drops of white glue and then put some gravel and sand over.


HotMelt covered with Gap filler.


Wattered down glue and sand as usual.

Now its time to paint the lake… first the enbankment with brownie colors and then highligting with Vallejo Iraqui Sand.


Blues for the water

For the lake I painted using Americana Navy blue,…and some additions of Pale grey blue and Green. doing a little variation of color from deeper in the center and lighter outside .

Now its time to do magic. I applied Medium gel over whole surface of the lake to give them relieve.

Brownies for the enbankment.

Once dried,I applied Blue wash and finnally I painted whole surface with gloss coat.


Medium gel to give relieve


Paste some gravel over the enbankment…

One dried seams mate.


After a hard blue wash…two coats of gloss.

Finnally I applied static gras, tufts and flowers.


Job done!!! some flowers, tufts…and that´s it

Thx. for watching, mates!!!



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