27 Oct

Diy “Mechta” suitable for North Afrika Fow

Hi…Using the blueprints of standard houses I did those one…Its very easy, just folow the same measures than a fow standard house and then do it but whitout roofing them…usually those kind of buildings have not roof.

The stuff I used were …

  • X-Acto knife
  • Foam Core Board 3 mm wide
  • Sand
  • Acrylic paints
  • Primer
  • For the dome I bought PorexPan ball, and cut it with x-acto knife
  • White glue
  • Metal Ruler

Once you have the walls made just paste  with white glue or hot melt glue..then reinforce joints with hot melt lines, those make the houses more tought and strongs.

We can simulate wood beams pasting matchtsticks on booth sides.

Also we can peel board to simulate bricks on the facade.

Now we paint…first priming with German Grey from Vallejo, then I drybrushed using Iraqui Sand, Pale Sand, and Ivory,  alternating the highligting process.

For the bricks…I painted them with diferent colors of browns and reds to give more contrast, then highlighted with a little drybrush of Iraqui sand.

Lowest parts just put a little touch of Brown sand…


Modular Mechta two buildings on one

Its easy to make and very delighted to do…try it!!!

Thx, for watching mates.


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