18 Nov

Diy Terrain Areas for Flames of War

Hi mates, here i´m with another quick scennery tuto, easy to do and very effective once you place at the game table.

For those one I used…

  • Open Fire cardboard Terrain Templates.
  • 3 mm PVC Foam sheets, one Din A4 is enough to have two pieces of terrain.
  • Filler.
  • Sand and gravel.
  • Glue.
  • Static grass.
  • X-Acto knife and tiny shaw.

First the ball, I used as base 3 mm pvc sheets, those stuff its very easy to cut using a tiny saw and then you can bevel the edge easily with the x-acto knife.

With a tiny saw we do the basic template

The first steep its easy, using a template from Open Fire I did the basic shape,….then I cutted those one with the tiny saw and finally beveled the edge with a sharpy blade .

Then once you apply the filler over the surface will never warp, because its syntetic and not take water from the filler


Tiny saw and we have the basic shape!!!

The second step, carve the pvc surface to take strong the filler its very important steep, if not do that probably the filler goes up,…one day. Let dry the filler….

Once filler its dried, We applied white glue gently in over surface and then spread sand over whole surface…let dry again.

Filler on whole surface

Now with a small amount of glue We placed gravel to give more irregular the area, then spread sand over to fill the gaps with glue, let dry…

I fixed the gravel and sand with a wattered down glue mix…Very important steep.

Now its time to paint, use brown colors to simulate earth, then hard wash and finally dry brushed with light colors…its really easy.


Heavy wash to give more contrast.


Drybrushed to highligting

Finally we applied green static grass.


Final job…Looks good isn´t??


Doing the same with Woodland tree armatures

That´s  we have a not cardboard terrain area more on our game table!!!. You can do the same trick with any area …desert, mountain,…lakes….

The limit its your imagination.

Whith Woodland scenics tree armatures, you can do some modular wood pieces or take natural branches in the park and do the same….

Thx for watching.

See ya!!!!


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