03 Dec

Diy War Memorial for Flames of War

One tipical urban piece…the War memorial… Its very easy to do to…c´mon lets go!!!

For this tutorial we need..

  • One piece of fiber board, laminated board or similar, those one will be the base of the memorial.
  • One 1/72 plastic soldier or similar scale,…mine was from Italieri crussaders pack.
  • Sand, gravel..static grass…etc.
  • Glue, X-Acto knife, ruler,…
  • Flowered tufts.
  • Acrylic Paints, that´s all folks.

First the ball, we made the squared shape…usually those kind of memorials are squared, but if you would rounded one, do it!!! Not problem….


Squared Memorial…just sand and gravel

With some chunks of wood we made the support of the memorial…. before we remove, the base of the plastic miniature to make the memorial more real…

To paint them first we clean those miniature with soap and warm water…then once dried primed and finally paint the mini with bronze of Vallejo.

After dried the bronze base…I made a strong wash whith a green an applied gently over whole surface of the mini, to give wheatered effect.

Finnally I pasted the mini over the column of the memorial.


Detail of the War Memorial wheatered with green wash

Over the squared base I did three areas…first one was the black gravel who is the area were the people comes to see the  monument.  Its easy, just paste it and made a dry brush with a Pale grey from Vallejo.

Then whe have the grass area…whith wattered down glue, we applied sand and then paint it with brownie colors and finnally drybrushed with Iraqui Sand of Vallejo. Then once dried we paste over static grass to simulate a urban garden.

Colors applied waitting a drybrush

  Finally I paste in the corners four triangular pieces to simulate high vegetation…using Two tones Clump folliage


Better whith Floral tufts….it´s a garden isn´t?

One detail…can be place four flowered tufts in the corner of the memorial….and that´s it, We have a urban scennery piece quick and very effective on our Urban Warfare tables….c´mon lets go and show your pieces …mates!!!


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