05 Jun

Flames of War Axis Briefings Public Repository

Greetings …I present you a collection of .pdf that I have compiled corresponding to the Axis side and that Battlefront advertising until the exit of v4 release

If you have any contribution to include it, comment it and leave the link to upgrade it..

Thx, in advance…See ya!!!


6 thoughts on “Flames of War Axis Briefings Public Repository

  1. Repository upgraded with Fallschirmpionier Kompanie, Firestorm Greece, Finns at Lapin Sota, Elefants PanzerJäger kompanie….& more

  2. Upgraded today,…with SS Nordland-Nederland Div, Panzer div. at Bagration and Late War Finn Warriors…c,mon mates!!!

  3. Added Berlin Marine Grenadier Kompanie, 2&6 SS Gerbigsjäger Division and 716 Infanterie Division,…well done!!!


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