01 Apr

Fow suitable Diy At Bunker…

Hi, here you have an at bunker, completely done from scratch, using a 3d modell, provided by my best friend Javi alias”Reivaj”, thx mate. The base is foam core carved, polyfilla and sand, chezc barrier are from Battlefront, gauze bands added

to the camo netting and small pieces of wire, gives more reallity to whole bunker. Small size tufts and green stufft modelled sand bags.

Then was added magnetized gun barrell of a PSC panzer 4  bit.

GS Sand Bags and Access to the Bunker

Razor wire and Checz AT Barriers

Magnetized Gun Barrell on the bunker embrasure

Details of the Weathering effects added

Scale compared with a BF KuwellWaggen


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