17 Oct

Half Diy Telegraph Poles for Flames of War ;)


Yes…It´s half diy because I taked the other half on a Railway Stuff Shop, thx to Heiki for those kindy set.


Poles pasted on PVC Foam

Each bag includes 12 telegraph poles, enough to place near a road or railway track. For the bases I used 25 mm rounded ones of Forex or PVC Foamy….easy to cut and bevel with X-Acto kniffe.


Heki Telegraph Poles R.3136

The rest of stuff I needed were:

  • Gap Filler
  • Sand
  • Kitty litter
  • Peebles, cork, …or similars.
  • Acrylic Paints
  • White Glue
  • Super Glue
  • X-Acto knife
  • Tufts and Flowers

First we did the rounded bases and We carved with X-Acto knife, to allow a good adhesion of the gap filler, then We did a bevel… In the center of rounded We did a small hole to paste each pole to his base.


Fits well to the landscape!!!


Glue and Kitty Litter texturing the bases

We applied watered down glue and then spread Kitty Litter over and cover whole base. Once dried, We fixed the Kitty Litter appliying two coats of watered down glue.

Then with white glue placed with entrophy small chuncks of cork, and then spread sand over to fill gaps.


Detail of cork Chunks

Now We have the stuff ready to be painted. As usual, First coat was Primer with German Grey from Vallejo, cork chunks I painted whith English Uniform from Vallejo.


First coat primer and Eng.Uniform

Then I did Highlighting the base with a heavy dry brushing of Brown Sand from Vallejo.


Highlighting Brown Sand, Iraqui Sand and Buff

One level Up mixing 50% Brown Sand and Iraqui Sand from Vallejo only the base not Cork Chunks.

Another level Up, was Only Iraqui Sand from Vallejo but at those stage I did DryBrushed whole base including cork chunks.

Last HighLighting was drybrushing with Buff from Vallejo in whole base and pole to give those one some wheatered look!!!.


Then HighLighted We add Tufts and flowers

Finnally We added some straw tufts and flowers.

Now We have some telegraph poles to place near of the roads or railwaytracks, since FarWest  to other war Theatres.


Great effect created near the Railway track

Thx, for watching.




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