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Home made houses suitables for Fow


Prepainted Houses GF9

All people who plays Fow, know there is at least more important to have the minis painted, it´s to have a scenery, to give the matches more exciting; giving concealed positions and increasing the difficult to have clean lines of fire.

At the Fow scene, We can find prepainted houses as GF9, resin casting ones, DM fibreboard ones, papercraft houses and others.


DM Fibre Board Houses

We´ll show you how to find some blueprints whith 1/100 scale measures and using some hobby tools and foam core boards, have at least, some houses which are completely suitable for Flames of War.



Resin Cast Houses

On those link we can find, the blueprints, two  buildings and one corner building, enough to have a big city.

The tools We needed:

X-Acto Knife

Foam Core Board

Metal Ruler


DM fibreboard for the base of building


The house We´re to made is the one of those blueprint….

Blue Print of the house

BluePrint of 1/100 houses

With the metal ruler and one pen, we draw the template of the house over the foam core board.

Metalic ruler

Metal ruler

X-Acto knife

X-Acto knife

Whole house

Whole house


Peeled cardboard and bricks carved

Then with the X-Acto knife, we open the windows cutting the inner part of each window, don’t forget the gate.

With the pen, We draw some parts of the facade, who looses his covert, peeling the card board over the foam, showing the bricks behind. Carve the foam with sharpened pen to do the bricks, use the same pen to do craquelures over the front.

We can do bullets holes on the front too.

Paste the house wall with hotmelt glue and paste too the floor supports using bits of foam core.

Now you have two options, left the home without base or made one base with DM, hardboard, plastic, etc.



Four walls ready to be pasted


Foam core bits added to support the floor

Now, We´re ready to abord the roof job, with Kellog´s hard card board, I did the basic shape of the roof.

Basic Shape of the Roof

Cutting the basic shape of the roof

Folding the basic shape of the roof

Basic shape of the roof

Then with X-Acto Knife , I cut much fine strips to paste on the basic roof shape, mounting with Elmer´s Glue one each other to complete whole roof.

Card board Stripes to simulate singes

Cardboard stripes to simulate Singes



You can add some gaps to simulate roof damages

Using the same Card board, I added the details on the facade and carved also bricks shapes on too!!



Details added with card board

Here its it, the job finished without paint job, …Don´t forget to, put one chimney and windows, and…. the floor inside….;)


Whole job whitout window, main door…

Main colors added without Highligting

Main colors added wihtout highlighting!!!

For painted job I airbrushed whole house with primer Vallejo´s german gray, then I highlighted the main panels two levels…and when its done I painted the details , bricks with diferent tones of red, wood parts with Game Color Parasite brown, and white areas  with Vallejo´s german caqui brown and then highligted with addings of Vallejo´s pale grey blue not white.

For the roof I dry brushed whole with dark blue of Americana and then highlighted with adding pale grey blue.

Job Done!!!

Job done!!!

You can improve the house, adding propaganda posters…

Click to access to Propaganda Posters

Its not a great painting Job, enough to have a table top scennery. Hope you like it.

That´s all folks!!!


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