17 May

Kings of War Raffle June-2017

A really cool raffle for the next 15th june, thx to Distopia Games, Hernani (Spain) who gave us an Mantic´s Kings of War kit ” 20 Basilean Paladins Regiment” . If you are interested on those raffle, you have to “like it” on Distopia Games  wall at Facebook and let a comment about on those post.

Paladins are warriors beyond compare. Secure in their place in the afterlife, they are afraid of little other than dishonour. Even in times of peace, they spend hours each day in the practise of arms, both mounted and on foot.

All people interested included outside of Spain will be in the raffle, but don´t forget the rules of the raffle, if not…you´ll not to be included.

The box it´s in mint condition and it´s rare to find because it´s out of production. It´s a a very good chance to have a great kit:

  • 20 plastic resin Paladins
  • Two handed swords
  • Metal Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician
  • 20mm Square Bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Good luck for the raffle!

See ya!!!




8 thoughts on “Kings of War Raffle June-2017

  1. Pues la suerte me favoreció y fui el agraciado del sorteo. Ya está en casa.
    De nuevo agradecer el sorteo por parte de Warstuft, muchas gracias por este regalo 😉

  2. Buenos dias Jairo, me alegro mucho de que llegara tan rápido el envio y que estes contento con el premio, ahora solamente queda disfrutar de las minis…asi sea.


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