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“La Nueve” The Spaniards who liberate Paris…

13327355_1036929163094834_7204517210106911337_n13226782_1036951656425918_2482980133570234253_nParis 1944, Allied forces enter and release the Nazi yoke. The population entertains the troops as liberators surprised him in the car exotic names, Brunete, Belchite, Guadalajara, Guernica, …, those names belong to “La Nueve” vehicles belonging to the unit that is part of the 2me Blindée Leclerc Division.
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M3 Halftrack “Guernica”near L`arc de Triumph (Paris)

La Nueve was an unit  integrated into the 2me DB and formed entirely by Spanish Republicans who previously fought in the Spanish Civil War and wanted to fight again against fascism, when the Second World War began.

mandos españoles de la 9

“La Nueve”, also called “La Española”, was the spearhead of the 2me DB, were elite troops composed of half-track vehicles M3, tanks M4 Shermans&Scott, guns of 57 mm and M8 Greyhound, which was hiper-motivated for everything that happened, after the defeat of the Republic in the Spanish Civil War.

The soldiers of La Nueve , thought then to liberate France , the allies would look to Spain and also would free of fascism , which did not happen…

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The command of the 9th company was Captain Dronne, along with the commander ex-brigadist Putz, well-liked by the troops for having fought for the Republican cause. Underneath was Lieutenant Antonio Von Baumberghem, which did not fall well regarded Dronne, which would replace the Spanish lieutenant Amado Granell Mesado, which are distinguished by their great courage and leadership in the very daring missions to be They entrusted.

Military vehicles retained their typical American star,  which had been added the shield of the Leclerc Division, the French flag with the Crossm3 madrid 2 of Lorraine and in the case of the Spanish and through the intercession of Captain Putz, they had allowed to put the flag of the 2nd Republic. Spaniards were also allowed, look small republican flags on their jackets.
“La Nueve” was divided into three companies, being the first led by Second Lieutenant and Sergeant Montoya Moreno. The second by the second lieutenant and Sergeant Elias Garces, and the third by Assistant Chief Fabregas Campos and Sgt.
The control unit was composed of a jeep with the name “MORT AUX CONS” and the HT “LES COSSACKS“.
As for the half-trM3 DON QUICHOTEack M3:
1st Section of Combat: Don Quichotte, CAP SERRAT, Les Pingouins MADRID, Guernica (dragging a piece of 57 mm).

2nd Platoon Combat: RESISTENCE, TERUEL, ESPAÑA CAÑI (then LIBERATION), NOUS VOILA and EBRO (sliding piece 57 mm).

3rd Platoon Combat: TUNISIE 43, BRUNETE, ALMIRANTE BUIZA, GUADALAJARA and SANTANDER (sliding piece 57 mm).

Las batallas de Vosges y Alsacia

Campaing at Vosges and Lorraine-Alsace

The Spaniards of the “La Nueve” who came first in Paris were only equipped with eleven half-tracks that were called “Guadalajara”, “Brunete”, “Ebro”, “Santander”, “Belchite”, “Jarama”, “Teruel”, “Guernica”, “Madrid”, “España cañí” and “Don Quixote”.

Nine involved in the battle for the recovery of Alsace which begins in November. Among her 16 and 23 November 1944, heavy fighting in Badonvilliers, Saverne, to finally converge in Strasbourg, on five different sites rid themselves.

The most important action at this stage of the 9th Company was May 5, 1945 to participate in the taking of Eagle’s Nest, the final refuge of Adolf Hitler at Berchtesgaden.

At Flames of War, there is enough resources to do a “La Nueve”, company…2DBIntelBriefing

La Nueve Company By Mike Haught

Dash to Paris by Rich Hammilton

French Second Division Blindeé by Simon McBeth

Inteligent Brieffing 2me DB








If you would more info…read it…but its in spanish,apologize.


– Capitaine Dronne y aspirant Cascaye-Bacave; Jeep Mort aux Cons  n° 95122
– Lieutenant Granell y sergent-chef Valero;        HT Les Cosaques, n°410782
– Adjudant Neyret y sergent Pavloff;                  HT Rescousse, n° 410301

2me Section Combatant
– S / lieutenant Elias;                        HT Résistance, n°409012.
– Sergent-chef Bema/-Garcés;           HT Teruel, n° 409664

Chefs de Group
– Sergent Cortés;                             HT Résistence, n° 409012
– Sergent Llordens y sergent Laffitte; HT Teruel, n° 409664
– Sergent Callero;                            HT Libération,n°410619
– Sergent Solana;                            HT Nous voila, n° 90571
– Sergent Marty;                              HT L’Ebre, n° 410982,

3me Section Combantant
– Adjutant-chef Campos;                 HT Tunisie 43, n° 4095574
– Sergent-chef Reiter;                     HT Brunete, n°415066

Chef de Group
– Sergent Blanco;                          HT Tunisie 43, n°409574
– Sergent Morillas;                         HT Amiral Buiza, n° 406101
– Sergent Gimenez;                       HT Guadalajara, n° 410629
– Sergent Ramon-Etorit (Fábregas); HT Santander, n° 410621

2me COMPAGNIE DE COMBAT DU 501E RCC (Regiment de Char de combat)

2me Section Combatant
– Lieutenant Michard; Sherman M4A2 Montmirail, n° 420610
– Adjutant Caron;       Sherman M4A2 Romilly , n°420613
– Sergent Triollet;       Sherman M4A2 Champaubert, n° 420582


2me Section Combatant
– Adjutant Cancel;  Jeep n° 413464
– Sergent Reissier;  HT Le Méthodique
– Sergent Cantarel;  HT Le Volontaire
– Sergent Bringas;   HT L’Entreprenant

Gloria a los españoles que lucharon por la libertad, haya donde estuvieran.




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