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BSA Napoleonic Freeware Ruleset & Hat´s Austrian Artillery review by Warstuft


BSA Napoleonic Freeware Ruleset report by Warstuft

Artillery Facing inf units.

Warstuft today approaches to a classic one of the wargames that recreates the Napoleonic battles.

There are numerous ruleset, but today in Warstuft, we approach one that has caught our attention for its simplicity and gameplay, this is BSA (Bajo la sombra del Aguila),  Under The Eagle shadow in english…

After almost two years of the development of the game and playtesting, the guys of the Atalaya-Vigia Game Club of Zaragoza, Spain, have released the latest version of this ruleset of Napoleonic battles.

It would be unfair to forget some of the elements that have succeeded in getting this project forward, Pablo Gómez “Kirgan”, Roberto Martinez “Ibero”, Carlos Moro “Imrahil”, Jesus Sanchez “Arendal”, Pedro “Sheix”, Carlos “Sir Grahon “, Jorge” Rexor “and Enrique” Mercenario_zgz “. Without them it would have been impossible to carry out this project.


Italian units moving near the river

Starting from a system as simple as Kings of War, Sergio has been changing and adding details to make a ruleset virtually his own and allows the player to enter the exciting and violent era of the Napoleonic Wars without having to use dozens of tables and Applying modifiers quite intuitively.

To the usual player of Warhammer or of the own Kings of War, will have nothing to do with this Under the Shadow of the Eagle (BSA).

And yet, at once, he will have the feeling of leading on the battlefields of Europe (and beyond its borders) infantry regiments that stoically resist the glorious cavalry to charge, between the smoke of gunpowder and explosions of the artillery.


French Inf. units with Hq

The units integrate perfectly, making effective the theory of the mixed arms, that so successfully used the own Napoleón.

Attached I give you the links to the ruleset and the lists of armies available.

Ruleset in pdf format

 Under the Shadow of the Eagle Napoleonic Freeware Ruleset .pdf

Army Briefings and tables .pdf




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Hat´s Austrian artillery Kit. The Review by WarStuft




Hat Austrian artillery 1/72

Front Side of the box

Brand: HäT (Hat)

Title:  Austrian Artillery

Number: 8037

Scale: 1:72

Type: 6x Figure 1 x cannon (each sprue)

Includes: 4 x Plastic sprues

Released: 2001

This  whith the Italieri kit, booth are the only, Austrian artillery set produced today in the market.

Since any model Austrian army would need artillery, it is important that this set can provide the necessary caracters.

Category 1: Kit quality.

Hat Austrian Artillery 1/72 Backside

Back Side of the box

What we get is four pieces of the same sprue, each holding a gun and six crew, all in different poses.

Each sprue provides six diferent caracters that gives option to make diferent bases and poses.

Those poses are largely the standard ones.

Hat austrian artillery 1/72 sprues

Four Sprues are provided.

The level of detail is excellent, and the overall anatomy of the figures is the best this manufacturer has ever produced.

 Detail is clear and includes the Feldzeichen but not the Pelzmütze, or field sign, which all Austrian troops normally wore in their headgear.

The Pelzmütze, can be modeled easily using blue stuff and green stuff.

The bicorn are not correctly placed but there isn´t a big trouble.

Hat Austrian Artillery 1/72 Equipment

Crews historical equipment

Flash is minimal.

All the men are wearing the bicorn hat that was specified in 1806, and which remained common apparel until the end of the wars.

They are also wearing winter uniform greatcoats.

Consequently, those figures are appropiately equiped for almost the whole of the Napoleonic era.

They all carry a sabre and a holster (which had artillery tools in it) on belts worn over the shoulders.

Really every man would also have carried a bricole, which was a length of rope used for pulling the guns.

However this item is missing on all the figures.

Hat austrian artillery 1/72 Minis

We have to clean moulding lines as usual

Consequently, the regulations stated each man should carry the standard army canteen, which is also missing from these caracters.

There isn´t not much info  about the paint scheme, but if you use the artbox and some pix looking for internet will be enough.

Category 2: Wargaming suitability

First of all, the minis are solid and very resilient.

Those ones  are  very resistant miniatures but are soft plastic, as is usual in Hat´s Stuff,.

Because that, you have to clean the miniatures very well with warm water, soap and tooth brush to avoid greasse and other release agents who will interfere in the painting case!!!.

Don´t forget to use a very good primer like Tamiya, Army Painter or Games Workshop,…p.e.

Consequently in all Napoleonic wargames artillery it´s a must have, but specially in the Austrian army who historically was one one of his strenghts.

Category 3: Conv. capabilities&upgrades.

Easy upgrade of the gun barrel

Seems like the guns seem to be 6 pdrs, but the carriages are a disappointment.

The details are missing and don´t fits well with the real carriages..

The gun hole is missing but there isn´t a big trouble.

But it´s easy to improve it, with a drill bit, and make the barrel hole.

The Pelzmütze, can be modeled easily using blue stuff and green stuff.

Category 4: The kit in the market & value. 

It is a quality product, it sells what we see in box art.

The price of the kit is around 5-6 €, not including shipping costs.

Category 5: My summary. 

In conclusion, It is a very recommendable option, considering the few options available in the market, to improve our Austrian armies in the 1/72 scale.

Warstuft recommends to take this kit, to complete the Austrian army and to be able to face with solvency to the French troops. 

Thx to Atalaya Vigia guys for let me place his ruleset on this Blog, nice job mates.

Thx for your attention, see you nex one!!!




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