18 Jan

New Shops in Spain

Hi…It´s not usual in time of crisis, to see people with enough energy to open a shop, and and it is even more hard if those shops are related to our hobby.

Two friends one in Hernani a little village in Guipuzcoa (Basque Country) and another one in Barcelona (Cataluña) Have started their bussines, with lots of hope and projects.

One of the shop is Distopia Games, the other one is Kekolandia Miniatures. Both of them have many of the big names of brands: Plastic Soldier Company, Battlefront, Infinity, X-Wing, GW, Batman of Knight Models, Edge, FF, Avatars of War, Prodos, Kings of War,, Battle Soldier, Vallejo, The Army Painter, Ak-Interactive, ….

From Barcelona, my fellow Eduard gives me some feedback on what is going on. Roger and Jose Luis. The tandem that moves Kekolandia, the new trending store in Barcelona in terms of the historic, fantastic and fictional hobby. A place to shop at good prices, enjoy game tables with scenery and receive the kind advice of two great salesmen who enjoy the hobby just like us.

I myself live close to Distopia hobby shop, and I’ve been there with my fellow Iker Inza. The shop is luminous and the product is accesible and well visible. Game tables are also available for anyone willing to play a game.

Both shops have planned many events, matches and tournaments based on Blood Bowl, Flames of war or WH40K games.

They both are sporting very competitive base pricing together with special offers. All of this accompanied with a friendly and warm customer service.

Find on the following links a way to get in to those fantastic shops and enjoy them as much as we do.

Distopia Games (Iker The Owner)

Kekolandia Miniatures (Roger and Luis)

Good luck mates!!!! Seeee Ya!!


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