28 Oct

Old Fashioned pictures for Battle Reports

Hi…When We made a Battle Report We have two options, place colored pictures for every step of the battle, or give some kind or Oldfashioned Style editing our pictures with Gimp, PS, etc…

Those steps are very easy to follow, and the result will be very funny …c´mon lets go!!!.

  • We open the selected picture, if We need to crop those one, it´s the moment to do it.
  • We duplicate the main layer.
  • We desaturate the color, then We have a b&w picture.
  • Now We create a new layer and We filled with 50% grey.
  • Once We have the grey layer We applied a Blur filter and then We changed the Blending Mode to Hard light.

  • Its time to create the scratches..We created a new layer and fill with white then We applied a texture filter and Grainy one…choose high valours and vertical sense.
  • We apply a Mask and made clouds in the mask, after We changed the blending mode to Multiply, and decress the opacity to 65%.
  • Now, We rest to do the White Frame and give it a sepia tone.

Cool effect isn´t??

That´s we have a cool Old Fashioned Picture, to include in our battle Reports.

Thx, for Watching.


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