08 Aug

Quick and easy rocky desert area

Hi, mates here I´m with another tutorial who gives a quick and effective desert area, to place over your gaming table.

We need, …

Old cd disk.


Aluminium foil




Basic Shape whith rocky formations

Basic Shape whith rocky formations

We made with gesso the rocky formations, putting on the aluminium foil,… after we made some kind of concave form, to content the gesso mixed with water…

When gesso harder we remove aluminium foil and let it dries well, if not the paint dont wil fix over the gesso surface.

With X-Acto knife, we made some scratches over de CD surface, in order to facilitate the grip of Plaster.

We paste rocky formations over the cd, and then we add the plaster ….let drye…

We add Yelow plaster

We add Yelow plaster

When all stuff its dried, we aplied two coats of primer on whole area…

Painting and Highligting

Painting and Highligting

Then painting and highligting …Dont forget spray two coats of Primer!!!, …We can improve the stuff adding natural wood branches as dead trees, tuffts and static grass.

Job done!!!

Job done!!!

Thx, for watching 😉


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