12 Nov

Re-scaling resources to Our Prefered wargames by WarStuft

One of the main problems we have when we pull Google, is that not all resources are located in the scale we work with.

Posters,, scennery elements, Flags, papercraft Buildings… etc can easily be converted with the Microsoft Paint and a complement we must have to have installed on the computer a virtual printer ,that allows us to export the printed file in .pdf format.

Once we have opened the image with the paint program we can go to the main dialogue tab and choose the option print and then page setup.

Then we will open another dialogue window where we can tell the program to adapt the size of the image to a percentage of the original size, choose 72% if you want to print ot 1/48 scale and 48% if you want it 1/72 scale, if you want it in 1/100 scale choose 35%…etc.

Once we have selected the percentage of the original size we want to print we can tell the printer to start.

These resources and other more … very interesting you will find them in Federico Collada’s Blog … FCModeltips.com.

Great work Master !!!!


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