28 Feb

Raffle of a custom Fantasy Football Pitch

Hi…first of all thx for all the people who  where interested on those raffle and thx for your comments.

The raffle will be betwen the four comments receive in the post.

  1. Raul
  2. Ivan
  3. Guillermo
  4. Diego

For the raffle I used the random number generator at Random.org.

Remember, the winner of the raffle will receive a Standard Fantasy Football, of 28 mm cell, printed on canvas from Pixarprinting.

See ya in the next raffle, thx for watching!!!


4 thoughts on “Raffle of a custom Fantasy Football Pitch

    • Felicidades Ivan!!!, la semana que viene recibirás en tu casa tu flamante Champions Blood Bowl pitch by Warstuft.com, disfrutalo!!!!


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