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Review Plastic Soldier Company German Medium Trucks by Eduard Ferrer

Eduard Ferrer Belda

Hello, my friend and colleague Ignacio asked me for a series of model kits reviews because of my long service on the model building career and the love I feel for miniatures. I kindly accepted his offer and from now on Ill be publishing some reviews always from a personal and amateur approach. I´m  42, from Spain, and with two beautiful daughters just growing up. Time is scarce, English language a personal proposal, and being a bit inquisitive a way of life. Take that into account when reading my articles, and above of all, thank you in advance for spending your time reading what I have to say. I write for the community since I like to read from it. Any comments are more than welcome!!!.

The star rating explanation
This is the first time I try to define a rating based on some objective categories, though the rating can be a bit subjective, since I don´t have the time, resources and mood to take a rule or check a blueprint whenever it is necessary. Also I don’t judge how the model kit will behave in certain games rules.
I’ve thought four categories will be fine, being a fifth a kind of summary of the previous four.

  • Category 1: Kit quality
Here my eyes will judge the sharpness of detail, proportions of the kit versus the real thing, level of detail, accuracy of the detail and completeness of the kit. This category is more intended to the static display community but some serious wargamers should take his pride in this chapter.

  • Category 2: Wargaming suitability
This is mainly intended for the wargaming community rather than the static display community. Things like gamming bases, crew, sturdiness, ease of assembly, inclusion of decals, etc., will be here discussed.

  • Category 3: Conversion capabilities & corrections
Conversion capabilities and detail corrected or put in will also be included here. The more conversion possibilities and the less need of correcting the kit will make it score higher.

  •  Category 4: The kit in the market & value
When a kit falls from the sky it lands to a populated area where other kits already exist or some people were eager expecting it. I´ll try to tell the context the kit is going to find. Also I will try to measure the bang for buck the kit is.
Even the best model kit will have a low score here if too much expensive (in comparison to other similar offerings).

  • Category 5: My summary
This is a kind of summary of the previous four, but some subjective bias can make half stars sum to go void or full in this summary. Also a bottom line will appear in this chapter.
These five categories will also define the 5 chapters my reviews would be organized, being the first three chapters the most word populated.

 PSC 15mm German medium trucks “The Review”

Manufactured by THE PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY under the model reference WW2V15026 and designed mainly to the wargaming community.

It has been available to the public since June/July 2016. 5 Sprues come inside the Card board box and allows you to build either a wheeled or tracked Opel Blitz truck, or a wheeled Mercedes L3000 truck. Also you can chose from either cargo or transport troop bed configuration.

Category 1: Kit quality. 

Sharpness of detail is really very good. Maultier tracks are delightful, as well as the wheels and side cargo panels.

Ammount of detail is good and in scale.

Accuracy of detail is good but no splendid especially on the L3000 build version. On the real thing the door windows were more rounded. The hood height of the kit is too high on the sides and on the frontal radiator it is too much wide, high and squared. Diameter of front wheels is a bit on the big size. And on the rear outer wheels there is one wheel with hub and the other one without hub!


 Category 2: Wargaming suitability. 

The kit is quite sturdy, maybe not as much as a solid resin block of their competence, but sturdy enough. No crew is provided because windows are solid. Instructions are overall clear except in the fitting of the fuel deposit and on the spare wheel. No decals are provided as typical of PSC kits, which sold them separately. I think this keeps the price of the box low. Those big cargo boxes are very appealing for putting detail inside. I made some dummy fuel drums out of rounded sprue. Then I cover the fake drums with a tissue soaked with PVA glue. Further detailing can be added.

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Click right to see the real size picture!!!

Category 3: Conv.capabilities &upgrades.

Although the box art depicts a Chevrolet cab and an office body, none are supplied, and I beg PSC for a kit upgrade version. Some effort was necessary to correct some detail, such as: closed windows, spare wheel frame, and not rounded head lamps. Conversion capabilities are very high thanks to the subject (a flatbed truck can be a base to put anything like a flak, Pak or box office, and thanks to the ease of use of the plastic. Solid windows are easier to be drilled while still on the sprue. I use a motor tool to create a row of holes. Be aware of the frame, not to dent it! Then with a mini circular blade I saw the hole path, and then with the help of a file I finally cut the windows block. Then you need to sand the frame with some fine grade paper sand, and finally I use Tamiya Super Thin cement to settle and smooth everything. You can also add more detail on the Maultier track piece, by perforating the rear idle wheel and deleting the continuous teeth track that goes from the outer to the inner track. This is done again with a motor tools and a mini circular blade.

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Click right to see the real size picture!!!

See how the rounded head lamp and hollow cabin adds personality.

The sprues allow you to build not one vehicle but two, thanks to the split up options of Blitz/Mercedes and Wheeled/Tracked versions. You only need to create some missing parts:

  • Rear cabin wall
  • The floor of the cargo bed
  • The chassis (the sprue of the kit is again fine for this purpose)
  • The support and wheels for the front wheels, which I still have not done yet. Wheels will be created by custom casting. Alternatively those less demanding modelers can use the rear wheel spares for the front wheels

Notice on the last picture, signaled by green arrows, some more corrections:

  • Added wire width indicators
  • Deleted boxes on the left side
  • Enlarged the box support on the right side
  • Added a spare wheel with its support (staple)
  • Added license plating

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Click right to see the real size picture!!!

Category 4: The kit in the market & value. 

Though there were already German trucks available at 15mm from other brands, they were significantly more expensive because they are made of resin, except the Zvezda Opel Blitz offering, which is also plastic and a bit cheaper than the PSC, but with less detail, build options, and also with the windows solid. On the following pictures you can compare the ambulance Zvezda kit with the PSC offering. Keep in mind that PSC’s front bonnet is still not glued, so it’s a bit raised. Overall both kits are pretty much the same size, being PSC a bit bigger, but only noticeable when put together with the Zvezda.

Being able to create quiet effortlessly as much as 10 vehicles per box, this kit has an enormous value.

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Click right to see the real size picture!!!

Category 5: My summary. 

This is a great set only obscured by some inaccuracies, design decisions (solid windows) and market saturation on the subject.

This kit is a no brainer for anyone willing to expand their German / Finnish motorised force by either adding standard cargo / troop carrier trucks, or venturing to the world of kit conversion, to create versions, with guns, recovery, engineers and so on. Thank you PSC for such a great box, but take into account what can be enhanced.

Stay alert, soon will come more reviews of the latest releases of wargaming stuff. Thx. to the huge work of my friend Eduard,…nice job mate!!!.


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