13 Nov

Spining propellers or Propeller Blur

Hi…mates, here I´m with another easy tuto who helps you to solve one of the trouble of most part of the static models, our planes seams to be flying arround the clouds, but….where are the propellers spining???.


Real Skyrider flying.


Battlefront model without any motion effect…


Our Objective…looks good isn´t?.

The idea its to make those blurry props, using Rotate motion blur filter from Photoshop, Gimp or similar programs.

We have to locate using google, a static propeller render o picture…those will be our base to work.

Once we have the picture…we erase the background, and we rest whole propeller supended on the air!!! but static.

Now, we duplicate six times those layer, and each one of the first four layers we made the filter motion blur rotate,  adding 10 units each one…10..20…30…40…50…85.

The last one, picture its the static propeller but too clear this is imposible in the reality, then we added some blur and changing Blending mode to linear light and reduce his opacity to near 50 %.

Thats its, we save the file as .png and prepare a file to save it in .pdf format.

Once we have the file, we print those one in acetate with color mode to see the subtile yelow stripe.

Cut each rounded propeller and paste on the engine model.

Here you have one .pdf file, I did four diameter rounded shapes for various scales…hope you like them and will be very used in your models!!!

Click here to download the .pdf

Thx for watching…



2 thoughts on “Spining propellers or Propeller Blur

  1. That looks great, thanks. When using the blurred props it makes the miniature pop. Have you done one for a helicopter in 15mm, possibly for a cobra or Huey?

    • Hi..Cliff .
      First of all thx for your feedback. You can find some rotor textures in the Xplane10 air simulator page, once you locate your prefered choper, download it and adapt those texture to 1/100 scale.
      Other option its to find the profile of the rotor and made it..then apply the PS filter.


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