26 May

Imperial Assault worklog & 40 Aniv. SW Spanish Postal Service

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Stay alert!!! Here you have an Imperial Assault worklog and the next 31 th July a very special raffle… the newest Spanish Philatelic Service release,…one Star Wars Stamp blooket…Those raffle will be only betwen WarStuft.com Blog Followers,…then subscribe it!!! and take part of the raffle.

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Spain is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the opening of Stars Wars in theaters on May 25, 1977, by issuing a souvenir sheet showing characters from the film.

The sheet, which was issued on the anniversary date, includes a single €5 stamp picturing Darth Vader. It is surrounded by stamplike labels showing a Storm Trooper, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Yoda, and C-3PO.

Unlike the other characters, Yoda did not appear in the first Star Wars; he was introduced in 1980 inThe Empire Strikes Back, the second film in the series.

Spain’s post office reports that the sheet was printed using a lenticular effect that gives the images an illusion of depth and movement when viewed at different angles. A total of 300,000 sheets were produced.

Oficial Show of the New release in Madrid, Spain

Darth Vader Stamp 5 € valour… The rest are whithout any valour.

The Worklog

Color base Corax white, White and Chaos Black

Here is my own release of Imperial Assault Storm troopers. I´m centered on basing to disimulate my poor skill of painting miniatures. Once I finish them I sent those to my best friend Javi, from Valencia…

First of all, I primed with Corax White from Games Workshop,….those part It´s easy and now we have the color base too.

Then with Chaos Black from Games Workshop, the black areas under the white armour.

Pin Wash with Nuln Oil

Once those layer is dried, I applied a pin wash with Nuln Oil….avoiding the flat white areas….

Finnally , two layers of satin clear coat from Vallejo and a little weathering .

Due those miniatures are made of soft plastic they can be easily cutted with a wide blade X-Acto knife, then I placed the on Diy desert bases I did previously.

Two layers of satin clear coat

Cut with X-Acto Knife and place it with wire and super glue

Gw bases customize as Tatooine Planet…


Diference betwen original bases and custom one!!!

May the Force be with you,…mates!!!

See Ya!!



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