23 Jul

ETC 2017 Salamanca and WarStuft


Main Logo of the Event

A year more like always by these dates will take place the ETC in the beautiful city of Salamanca, coinciding with the Universal Festival of Leisure and Games Animae Mundi 2017.

This international event will bring players from the best wargames of the scene, Flames of War, WarHammer, Kings of War, BloodBowl, X-Wing, etc. from all countries.

Like last year WarStuft will be present through the works that will represent different teams.

This year Canada, Scotland, Greece, New Zealand, Denmark and other players will carry tokens and markers to complement the lists presented for the Flames of War tournament.


Animae Mundi Festival Poster

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13 Jun

“We band of Brothers” Team England ETC16

Another team of ETC will use some of our Stuff, at Athens. The guys of Team England have choosen our custom Dice Bags to represent the esence of England warriors.

Saint George Peter

Sant George Dragon Slayer

The main logo includes Sant George riding a horse beating a dragoon, like the legend tells. The English Team for the fabric have choose black and red pseudo felt fabric, who gives a luxury effect to the bag.

At the other side, they have choose a Henry V, text who represent the idea of what a ETC team should to be, nice election mates!!!.

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20 May

Team ETC16 Denmark going to Valhala

We´re proud to suport Team Denmark for the next ETC tournament at Athens, after working whith they and takiDanemarkng the basic logo, who is the tipical viking dragon, we placed a celtic frame and some text in viking style fonts, and the danish slogan “Til Valhal”, who means in english “To Walhala”, the heaven of Vikings when die at War.

The main colors are red and white, the colors of the national flag of Denmark.

Main Design of the Objetive

Main Design of the Objetive

Good luck guys, “Til Valhal”…


18 Apr

Team ETC Canada….Towards Victory


Set Of Tokens and Objectives provided

After hours of work betwen ETC Team Canada guys and WarStuft, we´re proud to show to the FOW Scene the stuff , who will be used at next ETC16 in Athens, Greece.

We thank you for your confidence in our work and we whish them a very good Tournament, sure will be!!!

Black Felted Bag

For the design, I used a tiger tank white stenciled over a red mapple leaf and whole over a gold gradient bed, enough to catch the “esence”, of Canada Team and suitable to be adapted to the Fow´s small tokens.