25 May

Update of the Privacy Policy

Dear user, We have updated our Privacy Policy and we want to keep you informed of this change, in accordance with the new European Regulation of Data Protection that begins to be mandatory on May 25, 2018.

We change to offer you even more transparency around the data that you share with us and that it is easier for you to understand the control you have over them in our portal.

You have the right, among others, to access, rectify and delete your data when you consider it.

The person in charge of the data is Ignacio Herrero Iriarte., According to the detail that you will find in the Privacy Policy.

They will be treated in order to offer you:

1. Any type of information, tutorials, etc related to the Hobbie, board games, wargames and historical recreation.

2. Access to future “non-commercial” promotions, which will be carried out in response to your loyalty and support.

Your data will not be transferred to third parties, except legal obligation.

For more details, we recommend you read this update of the Privacy Policy in the following link. To remain a user, we need you to accept the privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

Thx, for your kinddly attention and support

18 Jan

New Shops in Spain

Hi…It´s not usual in time of crisis, to see people with enough energy to open a shop, and and it is even more hard if those shops are related to our hobby.

Two friends one in Hernani a little village in Guipuzcoa (Basque Country) and another one in Barcelona (Cataluña) Have started their bussines, with lots of hope and projects.

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