06 Feb

Review Plastic Soldier Company German Medium Trucks by Eduard Ferrer

Eduard Ferrer Belda

Hello, my friend and colleague Ignacio asked me for a series of model kits reviews because of my long service on the model building career and the love I feel for miniatures. I kindly accepted his offer and from now on Ill be publishing some reviews always from a personal and amateur approach. I´m  42, from Spain, and with two beautiful daughters just growing up. Time is scarce, English language a personal proposal, and being a bit inquisitive a way of life. Take that into account when reading my articles, and above of all, thank you in advance for spending your time reading what I have to say. I write for the community since I like to read from it. Any comments are more than welcome!!!.

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04 Feb

Team Yankee Rumble on the Rhine event at UK 2017

Next february 19th will start the First Team Yankee Event of the 2017 in UK, at Frenchwood Social Club, Preston.

Entry fee £15 including lunch – Free coffee & Tea all day (Waiter table service). The bar will be open for those who wish to drown their sorrows after going down 6 – 1, (Free Wi-fi and Car Park and the Bar will be open).

Entry fee payments to email address below: Peter Enwistle  by paypal please Registration 09:00 to 09:30, proposed finish 18:00 to 18:30.

Function Room

Forces 100pts, All current briefings, Max of 2 formations in your force, Blue on Red pairings Lists to be forwarded to above email address by Sunday 12th midnight.

Players must provide printed copies(3) of their lists to exchange with their opponents, failure may incur point deductions.

Please note electronic copies of list are not acceptable they have lucky to receive prize support from several companies.

Up to date we have 22 entries making it the biggest UK Team Yankee event to date, They still have room for 4 more players to those interested, to take part in the event!!!.

Nice job Peter&Co….See ya!!!