03 Aug

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Raffle By WarStuft


First of all, sorry because of the delay on post those contest result. I was working on ETC17 Stuff till yesterday and was really busy!!.

Then, the rules were easy, just you have to be email subscribers of my blog to have access to the draw,….the guys who take part will have a number betwen 1 to 34 in order of date of subscription.

In order to preserve the anonimate of my subscribers, I will show you only first words of the email adress….thx a lot for your comprehension…mates.

1.jozemaca 2.tomchapman 3.sturm75 4.iadanez
5.alvarg 4.barbaf 5.bateman 6.boskovi
7.daniel 8.drunker 9.elkete 10.garciag
11.gbailey 12.hector 13.jabo 14.jaume
15.losdados 16.davidr 17.eferrer 18.pawel
19.correodepitu 20.rmielhe 21.samir 22.steenvorden
23.cliff916 24.arnaud 25.john859 26.the bersagl..
27.simo 28.alforja6 29.tidus331 30.kosasevic
32.otak72 33.juanmahid


The prize its a mint Correos de España  philatelic sheet celebrate the 40th Aniversary of Star Wars.

The winner for those raffle is…. Eduard Ferrer. Congratulations, as soon as I can Ill send you a private mail.

Stay alert for the next raffles…

Thx, for watching.


20 Jun

Warstuft´s 15th June Raffle KoW Paladins

Warstuft´s 15th June Raffle KoW Paladins


Only three Guys were interested in participating in the Raffle of the Kit of Paladins of KoW, courtesy kindly by Distopia Games of Hernani Spain those were:

  1. Jairo Sanz.
  2. Enrique Rodriguez
  3. David Motokita

The winner of the raffle is Jairo Sanz.

Apologize for the delay in putting the result of the raffle.

Thx a lot, for your pattience,…See Ya!!!

26 May

Imperial Assault worklog & 40 Aniv. SW Spanish Postal Service

Just place your e-mail to subscribe and take part of the raffle!!!

Stay alert!!! Here you have an Imperial Assault worklog and the next 31 th July a very special raffle… the newest Spanish Philatelic Service release,…one Star Wars Stamp blooket…Those raffle will be only betwen WarStuft.com Blog Followers,…then subscribe it!!! and take part of the raffle.

Don´t forget check the mail and click on the link!!!

Spain is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the opening of Stars Wars in theaters on May 25, 1977, by issuing a souvenir sheet showing characters from the film.

The sheet, which was issued on the anniversary date, includes a single €5 stamp picturing Darth Vader. It is surrounded by stamplike labels showing a Storm Trooper, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Yoda, and C-3PO. Read More

17 May

Kings of War Raffle June-2017

A really cool raffle for the next 15th june, thx to Distopia Games, Hernani (Spain) who gave us an Mantic´s Kings of War kit ” 20 Basilean Paladins Regiment” . If you are interested on those raffle, you have to “like it” on Distopia Games  wall at Facebook and let a comment about on those post.

Paladins are warriors beyond compare. Secure in their place in the afterlife, they are afraid of little other than dishonour. Even in times of peace, they spend hours each day in the practise of arms, both mounted and on foot.

All people interested included outside of Spain will be in the raffle, but don´t forget the rules of the raffle, if not…you´ll not to be included.

The box it´s in mint condition and it´s rare to find because it´s out of production. It´s a a very good chance to have a great kit:

  • 20 plastic resin Paladins
  • Two handed swords
  • Metal Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician
  • 20mm Square Bases

Read More

28 Feb

Raffle LVT-4 ‘Buffalo’ Amtrac from Warlord Miniatures

Hi…first of all thx for all the people who  where interested on those raffle and thx for your comments and support.

The raffle will be betwen the ten comments received in the post and the likes in the facebook, booth included.

  1. Guendum
  2. Reivaj
  3. Pere
  4. Enrique
  5. X-Templario
  6. Gorka
  7. Matt
  8. Felix
  9. Adam
  10. Igor

For the raffle I used the random number generator at Random.org.

Remember, the winner of the raffle will receive a LVT-4 ‘Buffalo’ Amtrac kit from Warlord Miniatures .

See ya  in the next raffle, thx for watching!!!

01 Sep

And The winner is…

Hi, mates… Here is the result of the first raffle WarStuft,…the prize consist in a complete bunch of Tokens, Dices, Dice Bag and Deployment Markers whith the Panzer Lehr Division.

Don´t worry about the contest election system. Its quite primitive but efective and very cheap, using an aleatory macro in Open Calc.

Congratulations to Daniel Sauerwein, soon I will contact with you via mail, to have more info and send you as soon as posible.

The next 1st of October, I will made another raffle only betwen Subscriptors and RSS followers, the prize of those Contest will be and complete set of Deutsche Afrika Korps, with alternative badge, including like the first one Tokens, Dice, Dice Bag and Deployment Markers.

Deutsche Afrika Korps Alternative Pack

Goood luck, mates!!! and spread it , 😉

27 Aug

1st September Raffle

Hi..mates. Im just activated my blog and I will do a Raffle the next 1st of September….The prize includes One complete set of Panzer Lehr Tokens whith Splinter Munster Pattern Camo as Background, One 16 mm dice set, One dice bag with Panzer Lehr badge printed on booth sides, and finally one Deployment Markers set. All of those stuff will be for only one Winner, betwen the people registered on my blog.
Music by Harry_and_the_Potters-Riding_In_The_Night
Welcome and Ill see you at WarStuft.com…
All kind of feedbacks are welcome.
Thx for Watching and enjoy!!!