09 Jan

Thank you very much to all

It has been two years of hard work that without your understanding and support I could not have done.

This experience has been highly rewarding and at the same time very demanding and sincerely I have met people who have enriched me deeply and for which I am very proud.

Today I have come to the conclusion that I need to reorganize my affairs and resume the hobby as what it is, given that in no case I thought of making it a profession.

As one would say, one has to let go of ballast if one wants to grow personally and for that reason I have decided to cut my losses and get rid of the commercial part of the Blog, in order to have time and energy in other vital projects.

Those colleagues with whom I have acquired some type of commitment until the closing date of the affected Area, will be completely satisfied.

Do not hesitate to ask me, your doubts, concerns, etc. I will always be there, to help you, advise you, tell you tricks, ideas, etc …

Honor and glory!!!


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