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Tursas Miniatures Mighty Beer Beer Review by Ignacio Herrero


Corporative Brand

WarStuft is proud to present  a newly project has been born from Finland. 

Simo Hiltunen, Lassi Warsta and Heidi Salo,  are the core of a very exciting project, creating Tursas Miniatures.


Jarkko Hentunen alias “BeerBeer” playing BB concentrated!!!


Lassi Warsta has experience on 3d modelling and here we can see how they modelled BeerBeer, using the best and moderns 3d printing devices!!! and then cast this master on a fine white metal miniature.

Tursas Miniatures, is a space where it offers a service of 3d modeling and casting of miniatures.


Simo Hiltunen in a funny pose

Due his predilection for Fantasy Football and similar games, they will focus on those one and its Star Players and Big Guys.

Tursas, also known as Iku-Turso, is a mythical sea monster familiar from Finnish folklore.

The style of modeling is the Old fashioned one, but not so full of details and clean lines.


Miniature Casted in white metal

The first model is the “Mighty BeerBeer”, BeerBeer is a nickname of a legendary Finnish Blood Bowl coach Jarkko Hentunen.

They wanted to honor Jarkko by making him his own star player, that also looks a bit like him in the real life.

This  first miniature was designed to be a tournament gift in a Finnish BloodBowl tournament BeerBeer Open 2017.


Mighty BeerBeer invites you to fight!!!

The miniature challenges the opposites with his grimace and index finger and hiding in the back a sharp and bloody gift !!!. Is a statement of intent.

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If you are looking for such kind of modelling services, WarStuft invite you to contact with Simo&Lassi, and they will give you a profesional and quick advice service.

Tursas Miniature´s Mighty BeerBeer. The Review


Brand: Tursas Miniatures

Title:  Mighty Beer Beer

Number: 0001

Scale: Heroic 28 mm

Type: One piece White metal miniature

Includes: Standard Fantasy Football base

Released: 2017

Category 1: Kit quality.


Blister unwrapped

The clear plastic blister comes with a cardboard picture and a standard base for Fantasy football, no more!!!.

Taking into account that it is the first mini of the project and given the manufacturing technology in the future, they will have to opt for more complex miniatures and more dynamic poses, more in line with the current canons of design.

The miniature have a little line mould easy to clean with X-Acto knife.


A thin mould line around the mini

Category 2: Play gaming suitability


Booth minatures GW vs Tursas

Those kind  of miniature its fully compatible with a Humans team of Fantasy Bloodball. Fits very well with the scale of the last release of the reference game in the Scene.

It´s 100 % recomendable and his pose it´s quite defiant and not  usual.

Category 4: The kit in the market & value. 

It is a quality product, it sells what we see in blister, no more!!!

The price of the kit is around 11-12 €, not including shipping costs, perhaps a little expensive for such kind of heroe miniature or Big Guy.


See the detail is crisp and clean

Tursas will have to reduce a little the prize of those kind of stuff if they would be competitive with other brands who use resin cast, plastics, etc…

They send the mini using Suomi Post Service, very quick in Europe, in three-four days  come home from Finland.

Category 5: My summary. 

A good job, with a margin for improvement in both the design and the price of the miniature.

Thanks to Tursa Miniatures, next August 15th, WarStuft will proceed to draw a miniature of the Mighty Beer Beer, “only betwen our subscribers”, which they have donated to carry out the miniature unboxing.

Good luck in your project,….ONNEA (Good luck in Sami language)!!!!



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