12 Feb

Upload pictures into a repository

 Greetings, I present a simple video tutorial of how I host my pictures. For later to be able to place them in Forums, Facebook, etc.
There are many other options, Tiny Pic, Google Photos, Flickr,etc … this is meant to be only an example of how to do it.

Main Board of Imgur

If you’ve spent any time at all on Reddit, you probably already know that Imgur is the social news community’s favorite free image hosting site for Redditors. You don’t even need to sign up for a free account if you’d rather not, and you can still upload photos in stunning quality within a blink of an eye.

Links board once uploaded a picture

Images from your computer can be uploaded to Imgur to be shared on your favorite social network via a unique URL, or within the Imgur community itself. You’ll want to use the official Imgur app to use it from a mobile device too.

Best for: Uploading photos (plus animated GIFs generated from videos) as quick and painlessly as possible without losing their quality, to be shared anywhere online — especially social networking sites.

Max image size/storage: 20 MB for all non-animated GIF images and 200 MB for animated GIF images.

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