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How take good Pix of our miniatures & LightBox Raffle by Ignacio Herrero

How take good Pix of our miniatures & LightBox Raffle by Ignacio Herrero

Complete hardware SetUp

 Those tutorial it´s made using a Iphone mobile and a Sony wifi lens, conected to the phone, you can do the same whith a traditional digital camera and then transfer the pictures obtained to a computer to process them.

The tricks I explained worked for me and are enough to show my jobs, but I´m sure the´re  much tutorials at the web and I´m sure will be better explained than mine.

Sony wifi lens it´s not cheap stuff…probably you´ll find in the market similar stuff less expensive or use a standard digital camera, too!!!.

1. Useful gear


Light Box foldable

The professional photographer would take this kind of pictures in a studio using expensive flash units.

We modellers are spending our money on miniatures, models and acrylic colors so we have to use what we have in our home.

Then I usually used my room light but It´s not enough to have a good source of light, finnally I´ve founded a  Cheap Light box , and works very fine.

Those lightbox has an two stripes of leds  conected to a 5 v power source, via a small miniusb power cord.

For the background I have two Eva rubber sheets Black&White.

UsbMini jack power cord and 5 v supply


Cheap tripod to fix the lens

Tripods can be bought quite cheap and if you are not using it several times everyday I think it is overkill to buy an expensive one.

The Sony lens can be fixed easily to the tripod. And makes a good base to shoot the pictures.

Remote trigger

Sony Wifi lens for phones

Even if using a tripod, then the time the camera needs to take good pictures is quite long, and just by pressing the trigger can be enough to make the picture shaken.

Using the Iphone software with the Sony lens, we can have entire control over the pix making process.

The software I used its 100% compatible with our hardware, Play Memories Mobile, have plenty options and can make remote shoots combined with our inalambric  Sony Camera.

Click and check the software!!!

Then we have two options to store the pictures…in the internal memory of the Sony lens or in the mobile internal memory.

Gimp or PS are the best software to process your pix

Once the pictures are stored, we can manage and retouch them using the software of the mobile phone or transfer them to a Pc, and process using the software like Photoshop, Gimp, …etc.

You can customize your pictures, adding a custom signature or watermark

 2. Lighting the model

This we do to let the audience see the model and all its details without distraction, preferable on a white background. Usually I let the model stand on a piece of pvc sheet, this gives a blurry reflection of the model that looks quite nice. A piece of paper will work great too, but will not reflect the model.

Warstuft recomends you as background I use a piece of Eva Foam Board I have that is white or Black. Only one source of light were used.

Five cloudly backgrounds to be used with miniatures

A very simple studio setup. All picture in this article has been shot with this setup  using only the light box  or my Iphone camera tool.

A piece of paper or aluminium foil is enough to lighten the dark side of the truck.

If you prefere have a cloudy background I´m just found those ones, at Corvus Miniatures blog…,great job mate!!!




Set up for a long range picture


Using an aluminium foil as light Screen

Left one it´s a little less darker than the right one

3. Camera settings

Iphone screen capture

There are some settings you will have to do on your camera to be able to get good quality shots.

Turn it off

 Cameras saves your picture as either JPEG (same as JPG) or HDR. JPEG pictures will be smaller and in lower quality than HDR.

I always use HDR as it gives me the possibility to, later on in my computer, zoom in on certain details and have control over whole set-ups.


WarStuftIf you have done all the above then the only thing left is to shot the picture… or is it? The cameras position in relation to the model will make a difference on the end result, see picture below:

The models in the two pictures above are placed exactly the same place, notice how the second tank looks much bigger in picture two – the only difference is that in the first image the camera is close to the models (wide-angle) and in the second image (telephoto) the camera has been pulled backward (and zoomed in).

WarStuftThe knowledge on how to position the camera can be quite useful. It is possible to make more drama in a picture with a high wide-angle.

But if you have the camera too close to the model then you will not be able to get the model in focus – move the camera further back and if you want the model to fill the picture then zoom in.


Comparative after processing the pix

I hope that some of this can help you to make better pictures of your models. If I forgot something or some of it is badly explained then feel free to write a comment.


Final pix ready to be show in the web

Next 15th September WarStuft will do a Special raffle only for subscribers who will include a complete LightBox set.

Thx for watching and good luck mates!!!


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