21 Jun

Warstuft and Xan Miniatures 2017 New stuff preview

Warstuft and Xan Miniatures 2017 New stuff preview


Corporative Brand


Look the detail…is great!!!

WarStuft presents today another brand that provides miniatures, this time are 20 &15 mm scale and of exceptional quality.

Xan Miniatures & his newest brand Steel 72 (for WW2 miniatures), have a very kinddly and intuitive web page who allows order their stuff easily and support all payment plataforms most used in the market.


New WW2 Stuff Brand

First of all, the Boss Juan A. (Xan Miniatures) with a long experience of 21 years in the world of modeling miniatures and wargaming scene.

Steel 72 brand is working to draw a range of metal miniatures and will include all the contending factions in the WW2.


First Stages of the modelling process

This project in principle, it wants to focus on the Desert War 1942-1943.

Nevertheless, also will take miniatures related to other periods of the war.

For example, a group of American paratroopers are being modeled to complete allied lists.


Panzer 4 from ArmourFast range

In parallel, another range Xan Miniatures will provide Napoleonic miniatures and will be made in 15 mm, centered on the Peninsular Campaign and others period of antiquity to finish.

Especially relevant, it´s their stock  vehicles game for the 20 mm scale from Armour Fast range, which will serve to complete our favorite lists !!!.

The idea is also to develop elements of scennery for different scales.

In conclusion, It´s a really pleasure to contact people who can talk about the theme, history and development of historical wargames.


New WW2 Range with Steel72 Brand

And if you contact the via mail you will advise on the best option to complete your army.


Napoleonic Range with Xan Miniatures Brand

WarStuft recomends 100% contact with them…If you would a great modelled army in your battlefield!!!

Stay alert soon some stuff from those brand  will be raffled, only betwen the subscribers of the blog.

Thx for watching,..See ya!!!


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